NSW Department of Family and Community Services

NSW Department of Family and Community Services

Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00 pm

Family and Community Services (FACS) supports vulnerable people and families to participate in social and economic life and build stronger communities. Deals with child protection and substitute care of children.

We are committed to achieving the NSW Government targets and ambitions as outlined in the NSW 2021: A plan to make NSW number one. We measure our performance against these targets through indicators which we monitor and review regularly to improve our services.

Further information our performance can be found in the NSW 2021 Performance Reports.

Our work is broad and challenging. Our objectives for 2014-16 are:

- Children and young people are protected from abuse and neglect

- People with disability are supported to realise their potential.

- Social housing assistance is used to break disadvantage

- People are assisted to participate in social and economic life

- People at risk of, and experiencing, domestic and family violence are safer

 - Aboriginal people, families and communities have better outcomes

We will achieve our objectives by improving the way we work:

- We put people first

- We create local solutions tailored to meet local needs

- We work with government, non-government and community partners to reach more people with better services

- We build an agile and cohesive department that leads and delivers social policy reform

Contact Details for their various Services:

- Link2home (homelessness) 1800 152 152

- NSW Domestic Violence Line 1800 656 463

- Child Protection Helpline 132 111

- Housing Contact Centre 1800 422 322

- Elder Abuse Helpline  1800 628 221



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