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Development Applications Granted or Refused:

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Development Notifications - On Exhibition for Feedback

PLEASE NOTE: Section 10.4 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, 1979 requires the disclosure of any Political Donations & Gifts made in the two years prior to the application date.

A form is available from Council's Customer Service Centre or by clicking here:

Written submissions regarding the Development Application should be addressed to the General Manager and should include a contact name, address and telephone number. Submissions made on behalf of a company, should also include the names and addresses of all company directors. Written submissions can be made to PO Box 485, GRIFFITH  NSW  2680 or

If submissions are received raising concerns with the proposed development, a report will be presented to an Ordinary Meeting of Council for determination. As such, copies of all submissions (including the writer's name and address) will form part of Council's Business Paper and be available to the public. Should you wish to have your contact details withheld, it is recommended that you request this in your submission.


Notifications of Development Applications 

Development Applications notified to adjoining and adjacent landowners are now available on Council's DA Tracker. 
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