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Griffith City Council Landfills

Griffith City Council operates two landfills (Yenda and Tharbogang), operates a domestic waste collection, business waste collection, 'dump for free weekends' and recycling collection.

Our landfills are located at Tharbogang and Yenda, and are operated by Griffith City Council. They must meet very strict standards to comply with EPA license requirements and good practice. The technologies used to protect the environment at a modern landfill are considerable improvement on the open dump of the past.

Operating Times

Tharbogang: 8.00am - 5.00pm (7 Days)
Yenda:  1.00pm - 5.00pm (Sunday)

Our landfills are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Good Friday.

For Directions to the Yenda Landfill please click here

Council must undertake the following at its landfills:

  1. Monitoring of the groundwater to detect any pollution.
  2. Inspection of loads to detect hazardous waste and other special waste types.
  3. Control of greenhouse gases from the decomposition of waste.
  4. Monitoring the success of the landfill operations.
  5. Planning for the expansion of the landfill to meet new higher standards of environmental protection.

Behaviour at Council's landfills:

There are many hazards at a landfill - not only from the waste that is deposited, but also from the vehicles of people depositing waste, and also from the large amount of machinery that operates at each landfill.

It is imperative that people exercise extreme care when visiting a landfill.

Council must maintain control over facilities to ensure that it does not breach any duties of care and incur any unforseen expenses. These may be the result of accident or deliberate damage to persons or the environment.

Conditions of Access to Council Landfills

For your safety and the safety of others please note the following:


  • No Scavenging
  • No entry beyond Designated Disposal Location

General Warnings

  • Children under the age of 16 are to remain in the vehicle at all times.
  • Suitable footware must be worn whilst at the landfill site.
  • Please keep to designated public areas
  • Patrons should follow all directions of authorised staff

Information for Environmental Safety

  • Hazardous and/or liquid waste of all types are not accepted, except on designated days as advertised.
  • Empty chemical drums must be triple rinsed, holed and presented to authorised staff for inspection prior to disposal.
  • Tyres, batteries, fibro sheeting, asbestos, recyclables, green waste, concrete and bricks and any other material shall be placed as directed by staff.

Urban Collections

As Urban Residents you enjoy the convenience of the weekly collection of rubbish and its disposal at the local landfill. We need your help to make garbage collection more efficient! Click on the link below.

Garbage Bin Rules

Common Bin Problems:

  • Light material in the bottom of the bin can jam (eg, cardboard boxes), allowing only half of the bin contents to come out.
  • Loose material placed at the top of the bin (eg, glass bottles) can fall out onto the road as the bin is emptied into the truck.

The following materials are not accepted in 240 litre domestic garbage bins:

  • Building waste, eg bricks, concrete, asbestos fibro.
  • Large metal objects, eg engine blocks.
  • Pressurised containers, eg gas cylinders.
  • Liquid waste, eg motor oil and chemicals. organic oils are OK

In the interests of a better environment we encourage you to:

  • Make use of Griffith Recycling in Hams Street, where bins are available for glass, aluminium cans, cardboard and paper.
    • Recycle shopping bags in the bins outside major local supermarkets.
    • Have a compost bin or worm farm for food scraps, and
    • Reduce or avoid the use of products with excess packaging.


Your participation in the recycling service will result in saved landfill space, maximum recovery of resources and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Items which can be recycled are:

  • Newspapers, magazines, office paper, cardboard and junk mail
  • All glass bottles and jars - these need to be rinsed and no lids
  • Steel and aluminium cans and empty aerosols
  • All plastic bottles and containers marked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 - no lids
  • Juice and milk cartons

Items which can not be recycled are:

  • Garden waste
  • Ceramics, ovenware or light bulbs
  • Plastic bags

Information on Asbestos

Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities (HACA) - Local government fact sheet

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos Disposal at Tharbogang Waste Management Centre

Asbestos Disposal at Tharbogang Waste Management Centre

Griffith City Council will still be accepting Asbestos at Tharbogang Waste Management Centre; however loads will now have to comply with the following restrictions;

  • Asbestos Disposal Days will only be on a Monday and Wednesday between the times of 9am and 12pm
  • Customers must book on (02) 69636491 and provide Council employees with the following description;
    • Approximate size of load.
    • Type of asbestos Friable ( i.e.: insulation, asbestos fibre)  or Non Friable(i.e. roof or fence corrugated sheeting, eave or fibro wall sheeting)
    • Contact name and phone number
    • Registration of the vehicle and trailer that the load will be delivered in to Tharbogang Waste Management Centre main gate for assessment and acceptance.
  • Loads must be double wrapped in “black builders” type plastic and sealed with “silver duct tape” and loaded onto a pallet.
  • Wrapping and taping must be robust enough to allow council employees to handle the asbestos pallet, without the contents breaking through thus exposing the asbestos material contents.
  • Council employees will unload the pallet that contains the Asbestos on top of it. During this processes the general public are to remain in their vehicles for their own safety.
  • Each loaded pallet must not exceed a height of 1meter and a weight of 100kg.
  • Contractors with Large Amounts of asbestos will have to pre arrange the disposal by contacting (02) 69636491.


  • If a load is delivered to Tharbogang Waste Management Centre and is not declared as asbestos by the customer, then the load will not be accepted until it is wrapped correctly as required above.
  • If asbestos is dumped at the Tharbogang internal active tipping site and the offending customer is identified, then a fine will be imposed. The load charge will then be recalculated and the offending customer will be asked to remove the asbestos and wrap it correctly as required above. If the offending customer refuses to remove the asbestos, then a professional asbestos removalist contractor will be engaged and their fee will be passed onto the offending customer.

If you are not sure if it is Asbestos, then always assume it is Asbestos!

Council employees and the public’s safety is Councils priority and adherence to the above procedures and processes will assist this. 

This new booking process and procedure will commence at the Tharbogang Waste Management Centre on the 1st of March 2012.


For more information about this group, please click on the link below.

https://www.ramjo.nsw.gov.au or check out their Facebook Page - Ramroc Riverina Waste Group.


Who doesn't love food? NSW households send an average of 800,000 tonnes of food, equal to $2.5 billion worth of edible food to the landfill every year. Not only is this an incredible waste of food, it also results in food waste in landfills breaking down to produce methane – a potent greenhouse gas.

Wasted food also means wasted resources. The water, energy, materials and fuel used to harvest, transport, process, package, distribute and market wasted food is also wasted.

Sadder still, most of it could have been eaten. Reduce the amount of food you waste by using leftover items to make sauces or as a sandwich filling.

For more information on how you can contribute to this important project go to the Love Food, Hate Waste website at www.lovefoodhatewaste.nsw.gov.au

Environmental Protection Licence


Click here to view the Environment Protection Licence


Click here to view the Environment Protection Licence

EPA Annual Returns


2014-2015 EPA Annual Return
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2014-2015 EPA Annual Return
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Tharbogang Analysis Results


Tharbogang Waste Management Centre - 2015/16 EPA Analysis
Tharbogang Waste Management Centre - 2016/17 EPA Analysis
Tharbogang Waste Management Centre - 2017/18 EPA Analysis
Tharbogang Waste Management Centre - 2018/19 EPA Analysis
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Air Quality

Tharbogang Air Quality Monitoring Analysis Results - 2018/19
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Noise Monitoring Report - 2018
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Yenda Analysis Results


Yenda Waste Management Centre - 2015/16 EPA Analysis
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Yenda Waste Management Centre - 2019/20 EPA Analysis
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Site Maps


Tharbogang Waste Management Facility Site Map
Tharbogang Ground Water Monitoring Points & Leachate Control
Tharbogang Landfill Air Quality Monitoring Sites Map

Yenda Borehole Site Map

Pollution Incident Reponse Management Plan

Click here to view Council's Pollution Incident Reponse Management Plan
Tharbogang Waste Management Centre Pre-Incident Plan (Fire) - PIP

Recycling Collection Information

Waste and Recycling Services Calendar 2023
Multilingual Recycling Information Brochure
Recycling Bin Information
Recycling Collection Map - Monday
Recycling Collection Map - Tuesday
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Tharbogang Waste Management Centre Management Plans

Waste Monitoring Program 
Waste Screening & Tracking Program
Landfill & Environmental Management Plan
Soil, Water & Leachate Management Plan
Noise & Vibration Monitoring Program
Air Quality Monitoring Program
Transport Management Plan
Cultural Heritage Management Plan
Landscape & Biodiversity Plan
Blast Management Plan
Pest Animal Control Plan
Weed Control Plan

Project Approval Reporting

Annual Offset Monitoring Report - 2017
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Annual Environmental Management Report 2017
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