Museum Events

Events at Pioneer Park Museum

  • jason benjamin

    Action Day

    Experience and enjoy old fashioned family fun this Good Friday! Action day is all about providing the public with the opportunity to experience what it was like to live in the past, and is held every Good Friday. There are activities to engage all ages and interests with plenty of food, music, working machinery, displays and other entertainment on offer. During the day a large part of the museums machinery collection will be in operation. The historical buildings come to life, the old machinery rumbles and there are demonstrations of traditional skills such as blade shearing, blacksmithing and soap making to name a few. 

  • yenda project

    Festa Della Salsicce

    Held each August, the Festa Delle Salsicce (Festival of the Sausage), is organized and run by the Griffith Italian Museum and Cultural committee, and has become a popular event firmly entrenched in the annual calendar of festivities in Griffith. During the festival, a team of 16 local judges, representing different regions of Italy, announce the winner of the competition from about 90 salamis entered. In determining the best salami, judges will look at the overall taste, texture and colour the day before the festival, where the winners will be announced.

  • jason benjamin

    Schools Action Day

    School Action Day occurs during Local Government Week, with a large number of infant and primary school students visiting the park to see relics from the past and experience what live was like in the early pioneering days. The children participate in different activities around Pioneer Park, with numerous buildings and exhibits opened to interact and get involved with Pioneer life, providing a fun learning experience. For further information regarding the activities undertaken, or how to get involved, please contact Pioneer Park Museum.