Investment Opportunities

Expanding Industries
Griffith has seen a rise in new industrial development activities over the past 2 years. Key industry players that are expanding their operations to add a predicted 1,821 new jobs to the region in the short term and 5,816 indirect long term jobs include:

Poultry Expansion: Baiada, Proten, Morten Ag Poultry, Multiquip
Agriculture: Websters, Select Harvest, Terra Ag
Aquaculture: Aquna Murray Cod
Food & Beverage Manufacturing: Almondco, Casella Family Brands, Mandolé Orchard, De Bortoli Family Winemakers, Calabria Wines.
Manufacturing & Engineering: Serafin Ag Pro, Codemo Machinery, Collier & Miller, Flavourtech
Retail: Dan Murphy's
Health Services: Griffith Post School Options, Murrumbidgee Local Health District

Housing Development Options

The Griffith Housing Strategy 2019 is a detailed analysis of the current state of housing availability in Griffith and suggests methods of increasing access to diverse housing options for key target groups in the City experiencing housing stress. The projected increase in the number of dwellings required is 1,744 dwellings by 2036. Council has undertaken a number of initiatives to incentivise the development of affordable housing including;

  • Implemented rebates on Section 7.11 and 7.12 contributions for developers who demonstrate their development proposal addresses the affordable housing issue identified in the Strategy.
  • Incentivising the construction Granny Flats (Secondary Dwellings) by implementing an Affordable Housing Rebate on Secondary Dwellings.
  • Amended the Griffith Residential Control Plan including amendments to floor space ratios, reduced parking requirements, removal of height restrictons and reduction of open space per ground floor.
  • Encouraging increased development of residential apartment buildings and medium density housing through re-zoning amendments to the Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

The Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan 2018 reported opportunity to capitalise on the region's recognition as one of Australia's most important food bowls and increase the volume of food, drink and agritourism experiences. This includes expanding tourism opportunities as visitors increasingly look for local produce and paddock-to-plate experiences.

The Griffith Destination Tourism Plan 2021-2024 identified the shortfalls in the tourism accommodation sector. There are opportunities for the addition of the following accommodation providers:

  • A destination tourist park
  • Boutique/quality farm stay accommodation
  • Pet friendly accommodation


Griffith leads the way in agricultural innovation and value-adding, and is leveraging advanced and automated technologies to maximise agribusiness diversification. Griffith's thriving agricultural industry, advanced agri-tech solutions, freight network, access to the export market and water provide advantageous in setting up additional value-adding manufacturing businesses. For example there is an opportunity for a glass bottle manufacturer to support the high demand in the beverage manufacturing industry.

Renewable Energy
Griffith has a combination of climate and infrastructure assets to support the development of renewable energy investment including solar, biofuels and resource recovery options.

Recently, two large scale solar projects located 9 km from the City centre have been completed:

  • A 60 megawatt farm consisting of approximately 185,000 solar panels installed on 120 hectares;
  • A 30 megawatt farm with the ability to generate electricity equivalent to powering approximately 12,000 homes.

A recent study undertaken by the Department of Primary Industries identified there is a vast amount of biomass (organic matter which can be used as a fuel for generation of energy) available in our area and showcased many innovative companies utilising biomass as a fuel to reduce their energy costs. One of the gaps in the market we have seen emerging is the need for a natural recycling plant to utilise farming and manufacturing bio waste for the creation of sustainable products.