Our CBD Strategy

In 2015, Council adopted an ambitious plan that seeks to rejuvenate the city centre of Griffith.  The strategy primarily focuses on developing an attractive city centre that people want to visit more frequently and stay for longer periods of time - allowing businesses greater opportunity. 

The main recommendations presented in the strategy include:

  • Upgrading Kooyoo Street and Yambil Street as inviting areas to walk, socialise and stay
  • Redeveloping Neville Place into a civic open garden
  • Upgrading Banna Avenue to promote the main street and retail core
  • Developing Olympic Park into a major Youth precinct and activity zone
  • Redeveloping the Main Canal as recreational attraction in the city
  • Upgrading off street car park to provide a higher level of amenity

It is proposed that $8million be spent in the next six years to see the city centre rejuvenated - it has never been a more exciting time to be in Griffith. 

For more information,  contact Council's Urban Design Planners.

CBD Upgrade Working Group

Council have created a CBD Upgrade Working Group to advise Council on the implementation of the CBD Strategy.  The group comprises of a number of local business owners and community representatives that have an interest in the city centre.  

Yambil Street Master Plan

Yambil Street will become a more inviting commercial boulevard for people.  The master plan seeks to calm traffic, support pedestrians and promote a more pleasant public realm. Yambil Street will become significantly more attractive through the incorporation of street trees, new pavement and additional public seating and lighting.  The street will also include the installation of a new water main, a resurfaced road and an improvement stormwater drainage system.  For all the latest news on the Yambil Street Development, please click here.