Residential Investment

Median House and Rental Prices
Median House Price
Griffith $475,000
NSW $1,207,200

Median Rental
Griffith $400 per week
Sydney $600 per week

data source: Domain December 2021

With consistent population growth, Griffith is the ideal location to invest or relocate. Griffith has many attributes that new industries can benefit from, as well as offering an affordable residential market for the modern family, singles and retirees.

With a strong population growth profile, Griffith has long-term land use strategies in place to accommodate population growth. The Growing Griffith to 2045 Local Strategic Planning Statement provides direction for land use and spatial development for Griffith with a forward vision of approximately 15 years. The Strategy focuses on optimising land use and urban design to accommodate future economic trends and the community’s evolving needs and aspirations.

The Griffith Housing Strategy 2019 is a detailed analysis of the current state of housing availability in Griffith and suggests methods of increasing access to diverse housing options for key target groups in the City experiencing housing stress. The projected increase in the number of dwellings required is 1,744 dwellings by 2036.

Council has undertaken a number of initiatives to incentivise the development of affordable housing including;

  • Implemented rebates on Section 7.11 and 7.12 contributions for developers who demonstrate their development proposal addresses the affordable housing issue identified in the Strategy.
  • Incentivising the construction Granny Flats (Secondary Dwellings) by implementing an Affordable Housing Rebate on Secondary Dwellings.
  • Amended the Griffith Residential Control Plan including amendments to floor space ratios, reduced parking requirements, removal of height restrictons and reduction of open space per ground floor.
  • Encouraging increased development of residential apartment buildings and medium density housing through re-zoning amendments to the Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

There are a number of housing developments currently underway in Griffith:

  • Collina Masterplan and new housing subdivision with over 600 build ready blocks
  • Lake Wyangan Masterplan with over 330 build ready blocks
  • 68 Room New Generation Boarding House (DA Approved)
  • 198 Lot Manufactured Housing Estate for over 55s (DA approved)
  • Griffin Green Affordable Housing Project - 20 new affordable townhouse and 42 build ready lots
  • New Generation Boarding House developments approved with over 80 rooms (DA approved)

Please contact the Economic Development team on 6962 8100 if you want to explore these opportunities.