Looking for a country change?


Come to Griffith – we have everything you need to make a fresh start.

Griffith is one of Australia’s most vibrant cosmopolitan centres. With a population of over 27,000, Griffith exudes a rich blend of cultures and traditions. Today, more than sixty nationalities add to our cultural tapestry which includes Italian, Indian, Afghani and Pacific communities.

Our adventurous and industrious people have developed a huge agriculture sector of vineyards, orchards, cereal crops, pasture and rice over the years and then added value through manufacturing, retail and innovative technology.

Life in Griffith revolves around food, wine, art, sport and family. Plan a visit to Griffith for one of the annual festivals. They are a wonderful time to visit as they showcase our local food and world class wines, friendly people and colourful cultures. Hopefully we can convince you that Griffith could be your new home. 

Check out the Griffith Now Hiring website for more information as well as new job opportunities in the region.