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Council Meetings

Council Meetings are generally held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month commencing at 7:00 pm.

Business Papers

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COVID 19 has changed the way Council Meetings are currently held. The Minister has allowed Council Meetings to be conducted offsite from the Council Chambers with Councillors accessing the Meeting from their homes, provided the public can access the live Meeting. In line with this directive, Council Meetings are currently being held remotely using Zoom Audio Video conferencing technology and streamed live on the Council Facebook page.

Members of the Public Attending a Meeting

Council Meetings are conducted in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice. Due to Covid-19 Council meetings are currently being livestreamed on Facebook.  Comments on Facebook made by the public during the meeting will be moderated. The live stream will be stopped during Closed Council (confidential section) and recommenced after Open Council resumes. The audio recording of the Council Meeting will be placed on Council’s website (as per current practice) the following day and the visual recording will be available to view on Facebook for a limited time.

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Members of the Public Addressing a Meeting

Due to the COVID 19 measures put in place, members of the public can address Council either by attending the Council Meeting at the Council Chambers and presenting to the Mayor (in person) and to Councillors (online) or submit their comments in writing by 12 noon on the day of the Council Meeting. Comments or submissions received will be read out at the meeting during deliberation of the item following approval by the Mayor. In accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice, public addresses must be in respect to matters on the meeting agenda.

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Council Meeting Dates

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Audio Recording

Audio broadcast version of Griffith City Council Meetings

Griffith City Council now supplies broadcast and on-demand audio of Ordinary Meetings of Council.

Griffith City Council Meetings may be broadcast via local media and an audio version of the Council Meeting is available on the Council website which can be listened to on a mobile device or PC.

Persons attending a Council meeting consent to the possibility that their voice may be broadcast to the public.

Audio of Council Meetings cannot be copied, recorded, reproduced, reused or transmitted without the prior written consent of the General Manager.

Audio from 26 May 2020

GriffithCityCouncil · Griffith City Council Meeting 26 May 2020

Audio from 14 May 2020

Audio from 5 May 2020

GriffithCityCouncil · Griffith City Council Meeting 5 May 2020

Audio from 28 April 2020

GriffithCityCouncil · Griffith Council Meeting 28 April 2020

Audio from 24 March 2020


Audio from 10 March 2020

Audio from 25 February 2020

Audio from 11 February 2020

Audio from 28 January 2020

Audio from 17 December 2019

Audio from 10 December 2019

Audio from 26 November 2019

Audio from 12 November 2019

Audio from 22 October 2019

Audio from 8 October 2019

Audio from 24 September 2019

Audio from 10 September 2019