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As part of Council's Water Wise promotion, a colouring competition is underway to help spread the message!

You can collect colouring sheets from the front counter at Council Chambers, the Griffith City Library, Griffith Regional Aquatic Leisure Centre, Griffith Regional Theatre or various places around town (such as the Cinema complex, PCYC and day care centres).

There will be three prizes per age group: 1-4 years, 5-8 years, and 9-12 years. Fun prizes for kids plus a variety of water saving items for the home and garden.

All entries will be displayed at the Library.
Competition closes Friday 21 February and winners will be announced Friday 28 February, 10am during Storytime at the Library.


As the warmer months approach, Griffith City Council is reminding the community to be ‘Water Wise’ by doing their bit to conserve water.

Director of Utilities, Graham Gordon, said, “Given the current climatic conditions and severe drought we are encouraging our customers to be water wise to ensure the longevity of our water supply.”

“There are a number of simple ways you can minimise water use in the home, from keeping cool water in the fridge to taking shorter showers.

“It's easy to implement a water-savings plan. Every drop that doesn't go down the drain is a drop that is saved for someone else. Also, minimising water use can reduce your household water costs,” Mr Gordon said.

Council is committed to encouraging water saving practices throughout the City area.

“Through a water savings education program, providing tips and tools on how to save money, we can all start to conserve this country's most valuable and scarce resource,” Mr Gordon said.

“We have a program of water management for the City’s parks and gardens, and encourage all residents to also think about what they can do.”

Council's water saving measures are simple and practical ways for residents to lessen the impact on our water supply, these include:

Water Rebate Scheme

Griffith City Council provides a rebate for the replacement of existing single flush toilets and for older model shower roses. To qualify for this rebate, start by purchasing a toilet or shower rose from a local supplier (Griffith). If the toilet or shower rose falls into the correct water efficiency category (toilet must be 4 stars and shower rose must be 3 stars) the local supplier will provide you with the water rebate form for you to complete and forward to Council so Council can process and pay the rebate to you.

Water Wise Tips


  • Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth.
  • Put a plug in the sink when shaving rather than rinsing your razor under running water
  • Take shorter showers. Time yourself and take a three minute shower. Every minute less in the shower saves one bucket of water.
  • Install a water saving showerhead. Consider installing a AAA rated water saving showerhead and save on water and energy costs
  •  Dual flush toilet: Using the half flush button on your dual flush toilet saves up to 5 litres per flush. Over a year this could save you 23,000 litres of water per household.
  • Check for leaks in your toilet by adding food dye to the cistern. If colour appears in the bowl within half an hour it is time to do some repair work.
  • Wait for a full load of washing before reaching for the detergent as every load less saves 17 buckets of water.


  • Keep a container of drinking water in the fridge so that you don't run water down the plughole waiting for the water to cool. Thaw frozen foods in the fridge or microwave rather than placing them under running water.
  • Washing vegetables: Save water by washing vegetables and rinsing dishes in a plugged sink or basin - not under a running tap.
  • Cooking vegetables: Microwave, steam or use a pressure cooker to cook vegetables, to retain more flavour and use less water than traditional boiling.


  • Take the time to learn to 'read' your plants. Many gardeners apply more water to plants than is needed and this in effect creates a need or 'habit'
  • Gradually withdraw the frequency of water application. If you are currently applying water every five days and the plants look good, then stretch it out to 10 days before applying the next bucket of water, then maybe 15 days. Gradually you can stretch it out further and you may find some plants are surviving a month or more without a drink.
  • Before applying water test the ground. Scratch the soil with your finger and if it is damp, it doesn't need water.
  • Plants will go into a dormant state over the summer period, then revive once the season changes. If a plant dies in your garden, consider replacing it with a more tolerant species suitable for where we live.



  • Look at mulch suitable for the application
  • If you have a 'no-dig' area, consider the use of scoria or gravels. These are particularly effective around natives, Mediterranean plants, proteas, shrubs and bushes
  • For an area where plants change with the seasons, such as roses, annuals and perennials, an organic mulch is more suitable

Your car

Wash your car on the lawn. This will water and fertilise your lawn. Car shampoos use phosphates that are similar to many fertilisers.


Cleaning up

Use a rake, broom or blower to clean up leaves, grass clippings, dirt, or dust on paths or driveways instead of hosing.

For more water wise tips go to water saving tips