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Work Experience with Council

Working for a local council offers a much greater diversity of careers than it ever has before. There are more than 60 different professions to choose from, ranging from town planners, engineers, horticulturalists, mechanics, financial accountants and customer service officers.

So if you're exploring your career options, work experience at Griffith City Council is a great place to discover a variety of successful career possibilities!

Council supports work experience programs and is committed to helping provide opportunities for students to be involved in the work environment.

The purpose of work experience programs is to allow participants to become familiar with positions/careers, employer expectations and working conditions. Participants also have the opportunity to realistically assess their own suitability for particular jobs and work environments.

Our work experience program also enables the local community to forge links with their Council.

Eligibility for participation

Council offers work experience in various departments at Council. Work experience is available to students in high schools, TAFE colleges and universities. Work experience positions are unpaid and students must be registered with a recognised school or tertiary institution that covers them for personal insurance and public liability.

The provision of work experience to students is subject to the availability, time constraints and work loads of Council staff in the requested area.

Please specify your area of interest when you apply for work experience.

What to do if you are interested

If you are a student interested in work experience at Griffith City Council, please complete the application form below, attach a completed Student Placement Record form from your educational institution, and forward both forms to Griffith City Council.

Click here to download the application form

Forms can be returned to Human Resources via email at, or by dropping in to Council's offices at 1 Benerembah Street. If you have any questions relating to work experience, please contact Susan Hearn or Annie Featherstone on 6962 8100.