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Lake Wyangan Catchment Management

Griffith City Council's vision for Lake Wyangan and its Catchment is to see community, business including agri-business, and Council working together for a healthy, productive and attractive Lake Wyangan and Catchment both now and into the future.

Lake Wyangan is situated 6 km’s northwest of the Griffith CBD and is the epi-centre for a diverse range of land uses and recreational uses. The Lake Wyangan catchment totals around 121 km2; including diverted catchment runoff through the irrigation supply and drainage infrastructure.

The Lake View Branch Canal supplies irrigation water to local agriculture and is a major feature of the catchment as it intersects most catchment runoff.

The Lake Wynagan and Catchment Strategy Management project will guide future actions to address water quality concerns.

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Griffith City Council’s Environment, Health & Sustainability Unit regularly samples, analyses and monitors the water quality of Lake Wyangan (North) throughout the year for the presence of Blue-Green Algae. Find the current status here Lake Wyangan & Blue-Green Algae

Technical Reports

Lake Wyangan and Catchment Management Strategy Project

Lake Wyanagan & Catchment Management Strategy - Strategy Report - June 2017

Lake Wyanagan & Catchment Management Strategy - Technical Report - June 2017