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Crime Prevention

Griffith City Council is working with local organisations, government bodies, businesses and residents' groups as well as the NSW Police to deliver programs and develop policies to enhance the safety for all who live, work, study in and visit the City.

Community Safety represents an important aspect of the Community Action Plan (CAP), incorporating the Hands Off Crime Prevention Plan that targets specific criminal activities and the Community Safety Audit.  Council are supporters of the Griffith Domestic Violence committee and a member of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre. 

Council incorporates the NSW Health Healthy Urban checklist and Safer By Design principles to ensure good urban and environmental planning which contributes to a safer community

Goals of the Plan are:

For community members to feel safer in their neighbourhoods and houses as measured by:

  • Reduction in crime rates
  • Incidents of Anti-social behaviour are reduced
  • Police and community demonstrate mutual respect and understanding
  • Reduction in graffiti and vandalism

That children and young people are safe from harm and people feel safe in their community and neighbourhoods by the reduction in incidents of assault, GBH, sexual assault and other violent crimes.

Residents are encouraged to join the local Police facebook page - head to

Reporting a Crime

The decision to report crimes to the police can have profound consequences for victims and the Criminal justice system. Reporting crime or genuinely suspicious behaviour is an important community responsibility. To help you report problems in the area, the numbers to the left should be used. To report directly to the Griffith Police Station, call 02 6969 4299 or Yenda, 02 6968 1044.

Crime Prevention Strategy 2015

Click here to download a copy of the Strategy which was adopted in September 2015

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