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RAMJO Councils collaborating effectively through strategic planning, priority setting, advocating, engaging with Governments and key stakeholders, so as to facilitate infrastructure development and ensure the long term sustainability, wellbeing and liveability of the region’s communities”.

Who we are

The Board of RAMJO consists of:-

  • The Mayors of each Member Council
  • Any additional voting representatives of the Member Councils
  • A representative of the NSW Government, nominated by the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, who is the Regional Director for the Riverina Murray region (a non-voting representative)
  • The General Managers of the Member Councils (non-voting representatives)

The role of the Board is to direct and control the affairs of the Joint Organisation. The Board consults with the Executive Officer in directing and controlling the affairs of the Joint Organisation.


  • be owned by and accountable to the Member Councils;
  • not impose significant red tape cost or risks on Member Councils;
  • ensure that benefits delivered for the region outweigh any costs and risks;
  • work collaboratively with other levels of government, other partners and stakeholders;
  • enable significant projects and initiatives, with associated funding and assets, to be managed regionally, where doing so is consistent with the shared vision for the region;
  • ensure good governance;
  • serve the best interests of the region and communities.

Key Roles

  • To develop the key strategic regional priorities of the region and to advocate and deliver those priorities in collaboration with Federal and State Governments;
  • To facilitate Member Councils collaborating and co-operating on matters of regional significance and benefit to the RAMJO region, and to advocate those matters on behalf of the Member Councils and their communities;
  • To encourage and facilitate group action amongst Member Councils in the sharing of resources and the procurement of specific goods and services;
  • To strengthen the role of Local Government in the achievement of regional economic, social and environmental beneficial outcomes;
  • To effectively engage with a range of Federal and State Government Ministers, Departments and other Agencies on critical issues relating to the region and to undertake a range of Government funded programs and projects;
  • To engage with other Joint Organisations throughout New South Wales and Northern Victoria and where appropriate take collaborative action;
  • To facilitate LG industry relevant conferences, seminars, workshops and training programs for the RAMJO Board and where appropriate for Member Councils, Councillors and Officers

RAMJO Business Papers

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