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Pet Identification & Lifetime Registration

Under The Companion Animals Act 1998, cat and dog owners must take two steps to provide their pet with lifetime protection;

  1. Permanent Microchip Identification and
  2. Lifetime Registration.

Microchip Identification & Lifetime Registration greatly assists Council in returning your pet to you in the event that they are lost, hurt or stolen. It also provides the Council with a more effective means of keeping track of cats and dogs for the benefit of the wider community.


Dogs and cats should be permanently identified through microchipping before 12 weeks of age.

Microchipping is typically carried out by a vet, but can also be done by persons approved by the NSW Office of Local Government as authorised identifiers, Griffith City Rangers are also authorised Identifiers. It is a very safe, almost painless and low-cost procedure that inserts a rice-sized microchip containing an identification number in between your pet’s shoulders.

Griffith City Council offers a microchipping service per dog or cat. Fees apply.

At the time of microchipping, a Permanent Identification/Registration Form must be completed.

A copy of this form will be sent to the Griffith Council Administration Office who will then forward a Certificate of Identification. Authorised indentifiers may also enter the information on the NSW Companion Animals Register.

From the time a cat or dog is 12 weeks old, it must also wear an identification disc/tag with the owner’s name and contact number.

Access a Permanent Identification Form P1A by clicking here


A lifetime registration fee is payable once only for the lifetime of your cat or dog in NSW.

Reduced registration fees are eligible for de-sexed animals and for pension card holders.

Life Time Registration can be done by visiting Griffith City Council Administration Office at 1 Benerembah Street, Griffith or you can go online to and create a profile and pay online. Registration will link your pet’s microchip identification number to your contact details on the NSW Companion Animals Register. Privacy controls ensure the confidentiality of your information.


To register, you must supply the following documentation and payment to Griffith City Council:

  • Certificate of Identification - Microchipping (sent to you by your local council)
  • Evidence of de-sexing (if applicable) from a vet
  • Copy of a breeder membership card (if applicable)
  • Any documents which entitle a discount (current pension card)
*An eligible pensioner is a person in receipt of the aged pension, war widow pension or disability pension. If you are unsure whether you are an eligible pensioner, please contact your local council.
Are there any refunds for lifetime registration fees?
No. In NSW, registration is required once only and is valid for the animal's lifetime. As a result, it is not possible to obtain a refund if, for example, you have your animal desexed or your animal dies after you register it.
Access Lifetime Registration Form R2 by clicking here
You can view more informaiton about Pet Registration at


Lifetime registration for your cat or dog is to be completed at 6 months or a penalty may apply to owners failing to comply. Dangerous/Restricted Dogs not registered by this age will attract a higher penalty fee to owners failing to comply.

You must be over 18 years old to register your cat or dog. If the pet belongs to a child or teenager, a parent or guardian must register the animal on their behalf.


For the NSW Companion Animals Register to work effectively, the contact information it contains must be as current as possible.

In the event that you change your contact details or sell or give away your cat or dog to a new owner, you must advise Council immediately to have this information updated on the register.

It is the responsibility of the person selling or giving away the animal to notify the change. Failure to do so may result in a penalty.

Please contact the Griffith City Council for a Change of Owner/Details Form.

A Change of Owner Form C3A can also be downloaded by clicking here


In the interests of maintaining an accurate NSW Companion Animals Register, owners are asked to please provide confirmation from a vet or complete a Statutory Declaration for deceased animals. Information should include:

A copy of the required Statutory Declaration form can be completed at Griffith City Council Administration Office. A Justice of the Peace can be provided by Council.


Council encourages responsible pet ownership and recommends the consideration of de-sexing of cats and dogs to assist in the reduction of numbers of unwanted cats and dogs.

Booking a cat or dog in for de-sexing at the time of adoption or purchase is a responsible way of ensuring unwanted breeding doesn’t occur. Not only will de-sexing dogs and cats help reduce the problem of pet over-population there are also positive financial, behavioural and health benefits.  Most vets will de-sex puppies and kittens at 6 months.

It is NEVER acceptable to dump an animal and especially cruel to leave vulnerable puppies and kittens to fend for themselves. It is also illegal to dump animals and carries heavy penalties in NSW under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

  • the pet’s microchip identification number
  • owner’s name and address
  • approximate date that the animal died.