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Council Policies

Access to Information
Access to Information by Councillors & Councillor and Staff Interaction
Advertising - Handbill Distribution
Advertising - Sandwich Board Signs
Advertising - Signs
Approvals - Fencing Adjoining Public Land
Approvals - Noise Pollution - Loud Speakers
Approvals - Noise Pollution - Rock Concerts
Asset Management Policy 
Australia Day Awards Policy

Babes in Arms at the Griffith Regional Theatre 
Buildings - Awnings on Commercial Properties
Buildings - Construction Near Water and Sewerage Assets 
Buildings - Distance from the Boundary
Buildings - Engineer's Certificate
Buildings - Floor Heights
Buildings - Relocation
Cheques not to be Post Dated 
City Colours
Civic Functions
Coat of Arms and Logo - Use by Other Organisations
Code of Conduct
Code of Meeting Practice
Code of Practice Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System Program
Community Grant Program 
Community Recognition
Complaints Management
Completion and Processing of Petty Cash Reimbursements 
Conduct of Councillors and Staff in Assessing and Determining Development Applications
Contaminated Land Management 
Council Committees
Council Responsibility - Water and Sewerage Services
Council Services - All Users to be Charged 
Councillor Training and Development
Councillor's Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities
Customer Service
Dalton Park - Areas of Responsibility
Debt Recovery Policy
Delegations Policy
Driveways - Maintenance and Width 
Events Policy and Decision Tool
Extreme Heatwave Policy
Financial Hardship Policy
Footpaths - Construction of
Fraud and Corruption Policy
Freeman and Freedom of the City of Griffith
Frost Control Fan
Frost Control Fan - FAQ's
Fuel Card Policy
Fundraising - Doorknock Appeals & Public Collection of Money
Government Subsidies Policy 
Griffith Aerodrome Security Requirement - Hangar Operations 
Griffith City Library Local Studies Collection Department Policy
Griffith Flood Liable Lands Policy
Griffith Local Economic Development Assistance Program
Griffith Regional Art Gallery Acquisition Policy 
Griffith Regional Theatre - Recordings
Griffith Regional Theatre & Art Gallery Sponsorship/Partnership Guidelines
Incoming Grants and Sponsorship Policy 
Interest on Deferred Debts 
Internal Reporting - Public Interest Disclosures
Investment of Surplus Funds
Keeping of Animals
Kerb and Guttering/Footpath Construction
Land Acquisition & Disposal Policy
Legislative Compliance Policy and Procedure
Litter Reduction and Clean Up Campaigns
Loans for Community Organisations and Sporting Bodies 
Local Preference Purchasing Policy
Management of Infant & Feral Animals at the Griffith Pound and Rehoming Centre
Model Asbestos Policy
Noxious Weeds - Control and Eradication of
Onsite Detention Policy
Pensioners Application for Rate Rebate 
Pipes Across and Along Roads - Water, Drainage & Irrigation
Plaques Installed by Council
Policies - Adoption of
Pools - Admission Fees 
Pools - Authority of Management Policy 
Pools - Private Swimming Pools Inspection Policy
Position Statement on Water 
Pressure Sewerage 
Privacy Policy (Handling of Personal Information)
Private Use of Council Tools, Plant, Property and Equipment
Private Works 
Procurement Policy
Prohibited Activities on Council Active & Passive Recreation Areas
Promotion, Advertising and Sponsorship of Events 
Property Management - Council House Rentals
Rates - Payment by Community Organisations 
Rates - Postponed 
Rates - Processing Management Policy
Rates - Writing Off of Extra Charges (Interest) 
Recycled Water - Wastewater
Rehoming and Adoption of Animals from the Griffith Pound and Rehoming Centre
Related Parties Disclosures Policy
Reserve for Employees Leave Entitlements 
Restricted Parking Enforcement Policy
Restricted Premises and Brothels
Risk Management Policy
Risk Profile & Assessment Criteria for Earth Dams for Commercial Aquaculture Production in the Griffith LGA
Road Network, Related Infrastructure & Pathways Risk Management
Road Reserves - Lease for Commercial Purposes
Roadside Reserves Vegetation Management
Road Signage 
Roads - Culverts - Provision and Maintenance 
Roads - Maintenance and Upgrading of Unsealed Roads 
Roads - Protection of 
Roads - Purchase of 
Roads - Signs - Loans/Hire 
Roads and Parks - Naming and Renaming of
Roadside Stalls 
Sale of Surplus Equipment via eBay
Sale of Surplus IT Equipment
Saleyards - Truck Washing Facilities
Sealing of Parking and Manoeuvring Areas
Smoke Free Outdoor Areas Policy
Sponsorship & Acknowledgment of Assistance Policy 
Sporting Ovals Contribution Charges 
Staff Email and Internet Usage 
Statement of Business Ethics
Statements to the Media
Stormwater Drainage and Disposal
Submissions Made Regarding Development and Activity Applications
Tender Consideration 
Treasury Policy on Council Borrowings 
Tree Policy
Tree Preservation Order
Urban Water Tanks 
Use of Council Footpaths
Vandalism - Reward for Information 
Vending Vehicles
Waste - Council Landfill Operations 
Waste - Derelict Car Bodies - Removals
Waste - Discharge of Liquid Trade Waste Into Griffith City Council's Sewerage System
Waste - Garbage Bin Replacement 
Waste - Garbage Charges 
Waste - Garbage Service Outside Service Area 
Waste - Intractable Waste Disposal Policy
Waste - Septic Tanks 
Waste - Septic Tank Waste Disposal 
Waste - Support for Composting
Water - Backflow Prevention 
Water - Carters Policy
Water - Conservation Measures Policy 
Water - Supply and Charges
Water - Supply Levels of Service
Water - Supply Extensions
Water - Use of Hydrants by External Parties 
Water and Sewer - Undetected Leak for Water and Sewer Usage Charges
Water & Wastewater Developer Contribution Charges (S64)