Interrelates Children's Contact Service

Monday to Friday 9am–8pm & Saturday 9am–6pm.

Interrelate is a not-for-profit provider of relationship services with a 96-year history of delivering quality services in regional and remote areas. As a purpose-led organisation, all our objectives and decisions are driven by our purpose of empowering people to thrive in the most vital part of their lives - their relationships. Our programs and services empower families and individuals to build and navigate strong, resilient, and healthy relationships, from childhood to adulthood.   Interrelates Children's Contact Service offers a child-focused space for children and their families to spend time together.  We support children to build positive relationships with family members who they do not live with or connect with independent of a CCS for a variety of reasons. We aim to help adults improve their communication, reduce conflict, and strengthen co-parenting relationships.  We assist parents to plan how they will manage contact arrangements once they leave the service. We recognise that every family is different and will require contact arrangements specific to their family’s needs.  We assess each case individually and provide the supervision required for each family.  We offer centre-based visits, community visits and online video visits. We can also discuss a variety of other ways that family members can stay connected.  

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