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Griffith City Council Current Tenders

Tender Number Tender Description Date Closing

Griffith City Council Tender Notifications

Note: Tenderers are listed in alphabetical order in accordance with the Tendering Guidelines for NSW Local Government.

Tender No. Tender Description Tenders Received Date Closed
1-22/23 Supply & Install Fencing at Tharbogang Landfill
  1. 360Protect (Barg Engineering)
  2. FIA Commercial Fencing Pty Ltd
  3. PLC Fencing Pty Ltd
  4. RN Mitchell T/A RNCO
7-22/23 Supply of Bulk Automotive Fuels 1. Liberty Oil Corp Pty Ltd
2. Ocwen Energy Pty Ltd
3-22/23 Griffin Green Development Subdivision Civil Works Stage 2 1. B & C Plumbing Pty Ltd 26/09/2022
16-22/23 Provision of Strategic Planning Services to Griffith City Council 1. Habitat Planning Pty Ltd
2. HillPDA Pty Ltd
3. Mecone Group Pty Ltd
4. PSA Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd
5. Purdon Planning Pty Ltd
6. SGS Economics & Planning Pty Ltd
7. SKM Planning Pty Ltd
8. Urbis Pty Ltd
9-22/23 Provision of Legal Services to Griffith City Council 1. Bower Woods Lawyers
2. Bradley Allen Love
3. Cater & Blumer
4. Coutts Lawyers Conveyancers
5. Hones Lawyers Pty Ltd
6. Local Government Legal
7. Marsdens Law Group
8. Moray Agnew
9. NG Thomas Law
10. Pikes Verekers Lawyers
11. Redenbach Legal
12. Shaw Reynolds Lawyers Pty Ltd
13. Sparkle Helmore
14. Wilshire Webb Staunton Beattie
15. Workdynamic Australia
19-22/23 Servicing & Maintenance of Air Conditioning Units
  1. Andreazza Electrical Pty Ltd
  2. Cirillo Air Conditioning Pty Ltd
  3. MIA Commercial Refrigeration
17-22/23 Construction of Kooba Fire Brigade Station Willbriggie NSW 1. Project Coordination (Australia) Pty Ltd
2. Regional West Constructions Pty Ltd
18-22/23 Provision of Plant, Equipment and Truck Hire Hourly Rates 1. Armstrong's Plant Hire Pty Ltd
2. Boots Civil Pty Ltd
3. Brooks Hire Service Pty Ltd
4. Coates Hire operations Pty Ltd
5. Conplant Pty Ltd
6. H2H Plumbing Pty Ltd
7. Interflow Pty Ltd
8. Kennards Hire Pty Ltd
9. Litchfield Locate Vac Bore Pty Ltd
10. Luxton Plant Pty Ltd
11. MIA Pipe & Cable Layers Pty Ltd
12. Moore Construction Solutions Pty Ltd
13. Rangedale Drainage & Industrial Services Pty Ltd
14. Rollers Australia Pty Ltd
15. Stugutz Pty Ltd
16. Tutt Bryant Hire Pty Ltd
10-22/23 Supply and Delivery of Water and Sewerage Treatment Chemicals for GCC 1. Chemiplas Australia Pty Ltd
2. DGL Manufacturing Pty Ltd
3. Ecolab
4. Ixom Operations Pty Ltd
5. Nowchem (Nowra Chemical Manufacturers)
6. Chemprod Nominees (Trading as Omega Chemicals)
7. Quorum Water Pty Ltd
8. RapidG
9. Redox Ltd
10. SNF Australia Pty Ltd
04-22/23 Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 9m Weighbridge Extension (re-advertised)  1. SRO Technology Pty Ltd 11/05/2023
13-22/23 Design & Construct New Amenities Building at Hanwood Sports Complex 1. Bill Arnold Pty Ltd
2. Greenwich Build Pty Ltd
3. Joss Facility Management
4. Spicer Architecture
14-22/23 Design & Construct of New Mountain Bike Track Griffith 1. TRC Trails Pty Ltd
2. Youth Services Australia
2-22/23 Supply & Delivery of Bin Surrounds 1. ABUD Pty Ltd
2. E P Draffin Manufacturing Pty Ltd
3. StraBe Group Pty Ltd
4. Xinc Engineering Pty Ltd
1-23/24 Design, Supply & Installation of Diffusers at Griffith Water Reclamation Plant 1. Aquatec Maxon Pty Ltd
2. Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd
3. LC Water
4. Xylem Water Solutions Australia Ltd
6-23/24 Extension of Shed at 53 Oakes Road, Griffith 1. Asset Building Systems Australia
2. GS & BD Electrics
3-23/24 Construction of Drainage Channel, Stage 3, Citrus Road Griffith 1. Armstrongs Plant Hire Pty Ltd
2. Boots Civil Pty Ltd
3. Civil & Civic Group Pty Ltd
5-23/24 9ML Reservoir External Recoating and Engineering Works for Griffith City Council 1. Duratec Ltd
2. Mattioli Bros Pty Ltd
3. McElligotts NSW Pty Ltd
4. RMP Abrasive Blasting
11-23/24 Supply & Install eID Tagging System at Griffith City Council Saleyard 1. Allflex Australia Pty Ltd 02/04/2024
14-23/24 Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Pedestrian Bridge Over Main Water Supply Channel Yoogali Walkway 1. Cable Span Australia Pty Ltd
2. Carters General Engineering
3. Central Industries Pty Ltd
4. Frontier Assembly Pty Ltd
5. Green Civil Services Pty Ltd
6. Heuron Screenline Pty Ltd
7. Steelworks Engineering Pty Ltd
8. Strelecki Engineering Pty Ltd
9. Timber Restoration Services
10. Waeger Constructions Pty Ltd
11. Waratah Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd
15-23/24 Supply & Delivery of Cleaning Services to Council Properties & Amenities 1. Hillston Workforce Pty Ltd
2. S & K Panarello Pty Ltd Trading as Presto Cleaning Co.
3. Shayona Business (NSW) Pty Ltd Trading as Kleening Stars
13-23/24 Landfill Cell and Capping Design at Tharbogang Waste Management Centre 1. Bajwa EnviroConsult Pty Ltd
2. Dartmouth Consulting Pty Ltd
3. Engeny Australia Pty Ltd
4. GreenTec Pty Ltd
5.  Talis Consultants Pty Ltd as Trustee for (ATF) Talis Unit Trust
6. Tonkin Consulting Pty Ltd
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