Imagine Griffith - guiding griffith 2040 review

We are currently reviewing the Guiding Griffith 2040 Community Strategic Plan (CSP) and asking for input from the community.

Residents are being asked to get involved in helping ensure that the future vision, ideas, and actions in the existing CSP continue to meet the expectations of Griffith’s changing community.

This will be a great opportunity for those who work and live together in Griffith to help Council shape our future.

Keep an eye out for Walt (Working and Living Together) as he helps explain what the CSP is and assists Council reach as many people as possible through until July 2021.

Meet Walt! 


The Community Strategic Plan (CSP) outlines the community long term (10+ years) vision, values, aspirations and priorities, with reference to other local government plans, information and resourcing capabilities.

The Community Strategic Plan: 

  • Establishes the community's vision for Griffith's future, including priorities and expectations
  • Drives the development of the Griffith LGA, and informs other key strategies,such as workforce, asset management and services, and
  • Will be a driver for all other plans.

guiding griffith 2040 was adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 28 February 2017. As part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, Council is also required to prepare a four year Delivery Program, one year Operational Plan (Budget) and Resourcing Strategy (Long Term Financial Plan, Workforce Plan, Asset Management Strategy and Plans) to implement the strategies established by the Community Strategic Plan. To view these documents please click here.

You can view the current Community Strategic Plan, guiding griffith 2040 here


Join us for a cuppa and let us know what’s on your mind - we want to hear from you to guide future Council decisions. 

Council Café Dates for 2021

Council Cafe is generally held on the third Thursday of each month from 10am to 11.30am.

The first Council Cafe for 2021 will be held Thursday 18 February. 


Council offers residents the opportunity to be the first to know about a variety of topics through its Community Opinion Group (COG). Through COG, Council can quickly and easily alert members of the community to items on public exhibition as well as other news alerts and updates and important information.

Members of COG will be emailed when documents are placed on Public Exhibition. Items could include budgets, Development Applications, new policies, and important documents, such as the Draft Local Environment Plan, and will be notified of public forums and meetings.

For more information about the COG, please email

You can subscribe to the COG here