Lake Wyangan Water Quality

Griffith City Council’s Environment, Health & Sustainability Unit regularly samples, has analyzed and monitors the water quality of Lake Wyangan (North) throughout the year for the presence of Blue-Green Algae.

Total BGA is   32.380 mm3/litre 
Potentially toxic BGA  0.096 mm3/litre

Lake Wyangan remains at Red Alert Level.

The sample date was 14 December 2021.


Lake Wyangan

Blue Green Algae

Bacterial Levels



The sample results are then used to raise a Blue-Green Algae Alert Level specifically for Recreational Waters such as Lake Wyangan (North). This Alert Level system is as specified by our regions Murrumbidgee Regional Algae Coordinating Committee (RACC) within its Murrumbidgee Regional Algal Contingency Plan. Further, within this Plan GCC is required to advise NSW Health and the NSW Office of Water of the occurrence of a BG-A Red Alert and to warn the general public that the Lake Wyangan (North) water body is currently unsuitable for recreational use.

Murrumbidgee Regional Algal Co-ordinating Committees (RACC) is a forum of organisations (including Griffith City Council) which aims to manage and minimise algal blooms in the Murrumbidgee region.

The Department of Primary  Industries – NSW Office of Water is responsible for coordinating the RACCs in New South Wales.

If an algal bloom is detected in the Griffith Local Government Area, the RACC will work with local authorities such as Griffith City Council to control the bloom and any effects it may have on water quality.

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