Get SepticSmart



Griffith City Council was successful in securing a grant for our Get SepticSmart project under the third round of the NSW Environmental Trust’s Environmental Education Program.

The Get SepticSmart project aims to educate householders and businesses about operating and maintaining their OSMS in a safe, sustainable and responsible manner.  The project aims to reduce the number of pollution incidents caused by failing systems to help improve and protect the environment and the public health of the local community.

If you have any queries in regards to the Get SepticSmart project, please do not hesitate to contact Griffith City Council’s Environment, Health & Sustainability Unit on (02) 6962 8100.

Factsheets in the Education Series

1. Introduction
2. Septic Tank and Absorption Trench
3. Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS)
4. Why Should You Maintain Your OSMS
5. Responsibilites of OSMS Owners
6. Problems With Your OSMS
7. Dos and Don'ts Of Operating OSMS
8. Approval to Operate OSMS
9. What to Expect When You're Inspected
10. Water Conservation Tips
11. Planting List
12. Common Terms Assosciated With OSMS
13. OSMS Record Sheet

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