Kooyoo Street

Kooyoo Street

Kooyoo Street Redevelopment

Following the success of the Street Scapes Festival in May 2021 and positive community feedback, Kooyoo Street is being developed as a shared pedestrian/plaza.

This will enhance the link between Banna Avenue and Yambil Street within the Griffith CBD, creating a space that can be temporarily closed to become an urban plaza for cultural and art events, markets and holiday celebrations, with improvements to traffic, pedestrian, retail and outdoor eating amenity.

January 2022 – Kooyoo Street Stage 1 (Banna Avenue to Banna Lane)
Stage 1 includes a generous number of trees to provide shade and visual softening, with no kerb and gutter in the paved pedestrian-friendly area. Traffic in the Stage 1 area will be restricted to a one-way movement from Banna Avenue to Banna Lane only with a speed limit of 10 kph. This road can be closed off during events. A new permanent café and community kiosk is included in Stage 1 of the project.

September 2022 – Kooyoo Street Stage 2 (Banna Lane to Yambil Street)
This area will have kerb and gutter with two way traffic between Banna Lane and Yambil Street, kerbside and centre parallel parking, a pedestrian crossing and additional landscaping. New smart street lighting and CCTV is being installed in both stages.

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September 2022

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October 2019

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