Real Juice Company Citrus Sculptures

8 - 21 October 2017

The Real Juice Company Citrus Sculptures are a unique exhibition in Australia and are recognised as a Destination NSW Flagship event. The sculptures have grown from just five in 1995 to 70 large, fabulous and fun sculptures in 2016 and are a feature of the annual Griffith Festival of Gardens.

The sculptures are based on the famous lemon sculptures in Menton, France, and with Griffith being a major citrus producing region in Australia, the sculpture idea was a good one. After consulting local engineers and contacting France, Griffith was granted permission to use their method of securing the fruit.

The Real Juice Company Citrus Sculptures is one of Australia's most unique outdoor exhibitions. The event attracted well over 10,000 people during the two-week display in 2016 and drew people from right across Australia who had heard about the quirky orange exhibition and came to see it for themselves. 

The Real Juice Company has signed as the naming right sponsor since 2013, providing both a wonderful synergy and the opportunity to grow the festival and raise the profile of both the event and Griffith.

The sculptures are erected along Griffith’s main street, early on Sunday morning, by an army of 700 plus community volunteers. More than 100,000 oranges and 100,000 rubber bands are used to construct the sculptures. It is a fabulous community event with schools, local businesses, banks, cultural, service and church groups, and multi-national companies working side by side to create magnificent sculptures.It's a wonderful community morning.

The Riverina produces one third of Australia’s citrus and is one of the major orange producing regions in Australia. Our unique combination of  quality water, fertile soils, frosty winters, advanced farming practices and warm days make us home to the sweetest oranges in the world!

Real Juice Company Citrus Sculptures, Banna Avenue Griffith. 8-21 October 2017. Free entry and lit at night to extend viewing.

Part of the Griffith Festival of Gardens celebrations and launched at the Paella by The Sculptures, Friday 13 October, 5.30pm.