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With many wonderful offerings in food and wine, Griffith has grown into a bustling and cosmopolitan centre. It’s hard to believe that the Griffith region was dismissed by the explorer John Oxley in 1817 as being ‘uninhabitable and useless to civilized man.’ Now a veritable oasis, thanks to the development of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area in the early 1900s, the region hosts an abundance of agriculture and processing industries and is an important food bowl of Australia.

Located on the traditional land of the Wiradjuri people, Griffith and its villages have grown and developed over the past century thanks largely to irrigation, the work of soldier settlers and later, Italian immigrants. Today, their combined legacy is alive and well in the people and traditions of this thriving vibrant city.

Griffith, with a population of 26,000, has become a rich blend of cultures and traditions. Today more than 70 nationalities add to our cultural tapestry including Indian, Afghani and Pacific communities.

Our adventurous and industrious people have developed the huge agricultural sector of vineyards, orchards, cereal crops, pasture and rice over the past 100 years and then added value through manufacturing, retail and innovative technology. Griffith is the regional centre for the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA). The MIA is one of the most diverse and productive regions in Australia, contributing over $5 billion annually to the national economy.

The region produces more than 75% of NSW wine grapes, 70% of NSW citrus production and is Australia’s largest citrus producing region along with 90% of Australia’s rice production, 95% of Australia’s prunes and recently planted one million hazelnut trees for chocolate maker Ferrero. Griffith wineries export over $800M of wine per year and is the home of Yellow Tail. We are also a major chicken meat supplier and producer of olive oil, almonds, walnuts, tomato products and juice.

Griffith boasts friendly people and a relaxed country lifestyle; we welcome and invite you to visit and enjoy. My Griffith... is your Griffith too.


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