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  • Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod

    Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod

    Thinking outside the square, a collective of pioneering irrigators in the Riverina region established an aquaculture industry, from scratch, more than 550 kilometres from the nearest ocean. Now, Aquna Aquaculture is shaping the future of Australia’s native freshwater fish by producing premium, sustainably-farmed Murray cod.

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  • AusPrunes


    Aus Prunes are sweet plums of the D'Agen variety dried to roughly one third of their original moisture content. Most Aus Prunes are dried on the farms where they are grown.

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  • Billabong Bottleshop

    Billabong Bottleshop

    Billabong Bottleshop is a drive-in liquor and convenience store, which has been servicing the Riverina since 1992. 

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  • Dee Vine Estate

    Dee Vine Estate

    Dee Vine Estate has a well established family tradition in viticulture, spanning across two continents and four generations.
    The importance and pride that they have embedded into their vineyards are the foundations in which these wines are crafted from.

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  • Fresh Technique

    Fresh Technique

    Fresh Technique NSW delivers the freshest, cleanest, greenest produce to the entire East Coast, focused on maximising efficiency and ultimate freshness. 

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  • Rotary Sunday Community Market

    Rotary Sunday Community Market

    Meet the local growers and makers at the weekly market. Choose from freshly picked fruit and vegetables, eggs, cakes, Italian biscuits, gnocchi, jams, relish and more.

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  • The Real Juice Company

    The Real Juice Company

    The Real Juice Company was established in 2003 with a vision to provide consumers with a range of juices made to the highest standards and using best quality practices with the “real fruit taste experience”.

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  • Wine Grapes Marketing Board

    Wine Grapes Marketing Board

    The Wine Grapes Marketing Board, which represents grape growers in the region, has been operating since 1933. It proudly supports and lobbies for the interests of grape growers.


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  • Yarrow Park

    Yarrow Park

    Yarrow Park Olive Grove was established in 2005. The family emigrated from Scotland in the late 1800s. The family settled in the Riverina and has been involved in the agriculture industry for 125 years. Family vineyards were later established and today this tradition is carried on by the 4th generation on the sandy ridges at Coleambally, in southern NSW.

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  • Yenda Beer

    Yenda Beer

    Nestled among barley fields, the Australian Beer Co brewery sits in the NSW Riverina, in the small town of Yenda on Farm 1471. Created in 2014, it now produces some of Australia’s best easy drinking fresh and crisp craft beers recognised for flavour and quality.

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