Centenary Sculptures

44 Kookora St, Griffith NSW 2680

Centenary Sculptures

A gift to the City of Griffith from the people of Griffith to commemorate 100 years of progress. These seven beautiful sculptures were carved from 20 tonnes of granite by some of the best hard stone sculptors in the world. The sculptures reflect the theme ‘Griffith’s cultural diversity and the meaning of water’. 

Griffith CentenarySculptures

Seven master sculptors from across the globe gathered in Griffith during May 2016 to create beautiful stone sculptures, a lasting legacy to the City of Griffith in recognition of 100 years of progress. Working with 3-tonne blocks of granite and various powered hand tools, the sculptors sawed, chiselled and polished for 17 days to create unique sculptures.

The artists were selected as among the best hard-stone sculptors in the world, (not many artists can work intensely for 17 days to create and complete a large work). Each artist offered a unique style and personality to the project and developed a work based on their interpretation of the theme: ‘The meaning of water in Griffith and the city’s cultural diversity. These international artists represent the people of Griffith who have migrated from many countries, added cultural richness to our City and now call Griffith home.

Enjoy a stroll along Centenary Walk in IOOF Park and take in the stone sculptures. 

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The Griffith Internatiounal Sculpture Symposium was lead by Australian sculptor Luke Zwolsman and was endorsed by the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA) - the only sculpture event in Australia recognised by ISSA . The sculptures are well worth discovering and include: River by  Liu Yang from China, Eternity by Tobel from Germany, Black Moon Trickle No5 by Chris Peterson from The Netherlands, Solido Grigio Silenzio by Francesco Panceri from Italy, Water is The Driver of Nature by Australian sculptor Hew Chee Fong, Wine and Orange Blossom by New Zealand sculptor Renate Verbrugge and Nexus by Miguel Isla from Spain.

This Sculture Symposium was endorsed by the ISSA (International Scupture Symposium Alliance), the first and to date, only Australian Symposium to receive that recognition.

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