Old Belahlee

146 Banna Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680

Old Belahlee

Old Belahlee specialises in products exclusive and unique.  The range includes home fragrancing, skincare, lace, napery, china, silver and homewares.

A great shop to stop and explore. You'll find interesting teatowels, pretty teapots, cups and saucers and cards.

Old Belahlee was established in 1992 by M’Liss Jones. After taking numerous folk art classes M’Liss decided to start a business with a shop front selling homemade wooden items beautifully decorated in folk art while also offering folk art classes for all who were interested.

The interest in folk art was huge and with the growing amount of students M’Liss needed a bigger premise to coup. Old Belahlee moved from the first floor in the Banna Avenue mall to 146 Banna Avenue, an old two storey brick building full of warmth and character in the main street of Griffith. Downstairs was the gift shop and upstairs was the studio. Every four months M’Liss would have well known Australian Folk artists down for weekend workshops. Dianna Brant and Ann Johnston were amongst the favourites.

After 10 years of classes, hundreds of loved students and thousands of folk art pieces, M’Liss hung up the brushes and focused on the retail store. With natural talent for colors and decorating, and having beautiful taste M’Liss has built Old Belahlee up to be a successful and welcoming store.

In July 2003, M’Liss’ daughter M’Kaylee bought Old Belahlee. Having similar taste, M’Kaylee hasn’t ventured too far from its original style.

M’Liss and M’Kaylee both have a love for all things beautiful and unique. Old Belahlee is full of lovely home furnishings and giftware displayed amongst antique furniture.


Open Monday - Saturday

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