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Education Program 2018

For many young audiences, a ticket to the theatre can mean a life-long memory. Live theatre has it all – ideas, dance, colour, music, play, communication, stimulation and a chance for children to engage their imagination and sense of whimsy.

Griffith Regional Theatre is committed to engaging, inspiring and educating young people in the areas of performing arts, heritage and culture, with the aim of building audiences and participation in these areas now and in the future. The Education Sector is the key focus for achieving this.

Additionally, an interaction with arts and heritage for young people promotes an understanding of different cultures and histories and encourages investigation into self-expression.

Children are inspired, enchanted and challenged by the power of theatre where a story book can come to life on stage.

This year we are proud to offer you and your students a variety of high-quality productions focused on interactive experiences to engage students. Our education program is a mixture of opportunities across a variety of topics. All activities are of high quality, relate to the curriculum and include teachers' notes and resource kits. 

School Group Bookings

Student ticket prices are $15 with one complimentary teacher ticket per 20 students. If that allocation does not allow you to adequately supervise your students please speak to us as we are flexible when it comes to getting student participation. Please contact the Box Office on 02 6962 8444 for more information.

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2018 School Shows

War Boy

A Town Named War Boy

Friday 27 March, 11am

Based on the State Library of NSW’s jaw-dropping collection of First World War diaries, photographs and letters, A Town Named War Boy brings to life the personal accounts of the young men that set sail for the far side of the world, many of whom never returned. You meet the boys behind the pen, see the changes in hand writing, the smudges of changed thoughts, taste their fears, their loves, their reflections.

Suitable for 14 year +. Curriculum links: English, History, Society & Environment, and Politics students. 75 min plus Q&A. Workshop available. Educational resources.

Available to Schools Only


JUNK - Flying Fruit Fly Circus.

Wednesday 11 April, 11am

Set in modern-day regional Australia, JUNK tells the exciting story of a young boy who stumbles upon a condemned junkyard and its unlikely inhabitants: fun, free-range kids from the 1940’s. Together, they transform the junk into a wondrous playground for the boy to learn how to play, take risks, trust his instincts and surrender to his imagination. Featuring an ingenious set evoking an abandoned country junkyard, JUNK melds shadow play, puppetry, dance and storytelling with traditional and innovative contemporary circus skills. Equal parts nostalgia and mischief - a truly cross-generational delight.

Suitable for 6 years + (Primary & Secondary). Curriculum links: The Arts, Drama & Movement, Circus, Humanities & Social Science, Health & Physical Education. 55 minutes. 'Inside the Circus' opportunity.

Available to Schools Only.


George's Marvellous Medicine

Wednesday 2 May 11am

What starts as just another boring day for George quickly turns into a marvellous experiment of epic proportions! George can't stand his Grandma. She complains all the time, she's mean and she smells funny. Wanting to put an end to her constant nagging, George creates a special medicine, greater than any medicine in the history of the world. What he doesn't expect is that this medicine may actually work – just not in the way he thinks...

Suitable for 6 years + (Year 1 - 6). Curriculum links: Drama, Storytelling, Novel study, Playbuilding, Design Elements. 55 minutes + Q&A. Workshops available.

Available to Schools Only.



Friday 8 June 11am

Stolen interweaves the stories of five children taken from their families – Ruby, Jimmy, Shirley, Sandy and Ann. Their stories are from different times and different places, but the five characters interact with each other as if their experiences were shared. Theirs are the stories of many. With a background in dance, Wiradjuri director Vicki Van Hout’s acclaimed production is vibrant and inventive, with playground-inspired choreography, a rhythmic soundscape and an eerily colourful yarn-bombed tree as a key feature of the set.

Suitable for 15 years +. Curriculum Links: History, Politics students, Aboriginal studies, Drama Students. 90 minutes + post-show Q&A.

Available to Schools Only.

Red Racing Hood

Red Racing Hood

Wednesday 12 September 11am

An inventive reimagining of the classic fairytale - catch it before it races away! Join us in the foyer to experience the joy of slot car racing before or after the show!

Suitable for 5 years +. 5 minutes. Teachers resource kits av

Available to Schools Only and General Public.


Josephine Wants to Dance

Tuesday 25 September 11am

From Monkey Baa’s award-winning team comes the hilarious tale of Josephine -the kangaroo who loves to dance. Her little brother, Joey, tells her that kangaroos don't dance, they hop – but Josephine continues to point her toes and leap through the air.

Suitable for 4 year olds + (Ealy Stage 1, Stage 1 & Stage 2). Curriculum Links: English, The Arts, Science. Post-show Q&A. Workshops. Teachers resource kits available.

Available to Schools Only

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar - Bell Shakespeare

Saturday 30 September, 7.30pm

Brutus is suspicious. Cassius is conspiring. Caesar’s days are numbered. Loved by the people, Caesar’s power is growing – which is dangerous if you live in a world driven by ego and idealism.

Suitable for Years 8 - 12. Curriculum Links: English, Drama, Literacy. 150 minutes uncluding interval. Workshops available and John Bell Scholarship auditions.

Available to Schools AND General Public.


Taikoz - presented by Musica Viva

Friday 9 November, 11am

In constant demand all over the world, Taikoz bring their dynamic and heart-stopping traditional Japanese music to the Western Riverina. Centred around the Taiko drums, Taikoz shows are so engrossing because they are seen, heard and felt: students literally become the  sounding boards, vibrating along with the expolsive energy coming from the stage.

Suitable for Primary Schools (Foundation to Year 6). Curriculum Links: Music, Languages, HPE - movement & Dance, numeracy. Full term of lesson plans & teacher resources, and teacher professional development.

Available to Schools AND General Public.


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