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360 ALLSTARS Workshops

Griffith Regional Theatre is proudly hosting 360 ALLSTARS, a phenomenal physical performance exploring all forms of rotation, connecting the street with the elite to deliver a supercharged urban circus. We are offering 4 different workshops - all you have to do is buy a ticket to the show and then you can enrol in the workshop of your choice for FREE! Get in quick though - these workshops are HOT! - - FRIDAY 5 APRIL, 4PM - 5PM
Contact the Theatre for more details or to sign up 6962 8444 / theatre@griffith.nsw.gov.au


This fantastic workshop offers local youth the opportunity to learn from a professional circus performer. Covering several styles and art-forms, this workshop gives attendees a wonderful insight in to the circus world!
AGES: 5+
The workshop starts with a warm up game, then moves to a series of dynamic stretches while Rhys explains why it’s important to stretch and warm up before doing any acrobatics. The second section is all about basic acro-abalance. The class will learn how to
balance on each other in various forms including thigh stands, flags, two highs etc. Acro-balance is an excellent activity for practicing team work and building problem solving skills, and also a whole heap of fun! Moving on to handstands and headstands, spotted and demonstrated by Rhys, shape and technique will be the focus of this section ensuring all participants are doing the skills safely. To finish will be balancing objects on noses/chins. This is a great skill to promote co-ordination, focus and persistence. At the end of the workshop there will be a warm down to again re-enforce the importance of stretching when doing circus skills.


Two internationally renowned breakdancers give this amazing dance workshop, teaching choreography, technique and tricks in this explosive dance genre. Equally popular with boys and girls, this action packed masterclass offers an insight in to one of the most
physical and fresh styles of dance today, conducted by two of the best; Leerok & Sette!
AGES: 10 +
The workshops will commence with a brief explanation and demonstration of the four main elements of breakdancing: top rocks, footwork, freezes and power moves. A brief warm up of games incorporating foundational B-Boying steps will follow. Participants
will learn a variety of age appropriate breakdancing moves broken down step by step in a safe and controlled environment. The workshops will include choreographed routines incorporating individual tricks/moves taught earlier in the class. Leerok and Sette will
teach participants methods of linking these moves together into fluent “sets” allowing and actively assisting participants to incorporate their own original style and character into their dance. Each workshop will conclude with a “cypher” or “jam” allowing participants to showcase their new dance moves in a fun and supportive environment. These workshops can be enjoyed by both boys and girls alike and are a great way to introduce boys to dance in an environment that is fashionable, led by two male instructors.

Rashaun Daniels, known as “Basketball Man”, is one of the world’s top basketball freestylers. In this fun, yet challenging workshop, local basketballers are taught a series of tricks & moves from one of the greatest artists of this niche artform.

AGES: 8+

The workshop will start with Basketball Man explaining to the kids what basketball freestyling is and giving a short performance. He'll then talk about the skills attendees will be learning whilst conducting a stretching session. Participants will spend a few minutes
getting comfortable with the ball, focussing on the size of it, how it bounces, the weight of the ball, etc. Once everyone is warmed and ready they will be taught the basics of basketball freestyle, including the proper way to spin a ball, body rolls, reverse grips and
basic dribbling moves. After this Basketball Man will demonstrate how to add some flare into tricks, enabling attendees to put style into the freestyle tricks they can now execute. At the end of the workshop all the kids will get a chance to perform what have they
learned for the group using their own creativity.


Two time world champion, Peter Sore, will draw in local youth, and no doubt impress them with his incredible skills. In this inspiring workshop, attendees will receive a step by step masterclass on how to execute BMX tricks from an international rider.
AGES: 10+

Peter will begin by introducing himself, explaining how he started riding, and why BMX flatlanding has kept him so interested over the years. He’ll then speak about bicycles, and the different styles of bikes that there are, and also speak about riding conditions, and list the best surfaces to practice BMX flatlanding. Peter will then work with the participants to teach them specific stretching exercises appropriate to the muscle groups used in BMX flatlanding, and explain the importance of warming up to prevent injuries.
He’ll also speak about what protective gear to wear, and why this is important. Peter will then give a demo performance to inspire the attendants, and let them get a taste of what they’ll be learning, before starting the hands on element where participants will
have the opportunity to learn basic spinning, balancing and rolling tricks, and also try Peter’s bike. Next up, there will be a competition for everyone to complete an obstacle course the fastest with the least mistakes, and the workshop will finish with Peter
explaining the best techniques for falling to avoid injuries, which is applicable when learning harder tricks. The workshop will conclude with a Question and Answer session.


Workshop Details

Friday 5 April 4pm - 5pm
Genre: Workshops
Duration: 60 minutes 

Ticket Prices

Must have a ticket to the 360 ALLSTARS show to enrol in a workshop.  

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