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ArtSpace 2019

ArtSpace at Griffith Regional Theatre is an exhibition held every six weeks showcasing a local artist. It is designed to give the artist exposure they otherwise may not have.


2019 ArtSpace

War Boy

Carmela Kozlowski: Ambiente

11 February - 22 March

‘Ambiente’ is a reminder of our surroundings. Senses touched by the mood of our constantly changing environment. A collection of landscapes evoking feeling and wonder is ‘Ambiente’.




Robert Duffield: 

25 March - 9 May

These works investigate the Object/Image relationship, developed during a residency at Wollongong Creative Spaces Studio and completed in the Riverina. The works are experiments into mixed media. The surfaces contain archival digital outputs that have been sealed with a very high quality clear epoxy resin. The works are quite conceptual in nature, yet the artist has made a conscious effort to include an aesthetic investigative quality to the work making them more engaging, inviting contemplation.




Myles Prangnell: Lawford Crescent

13 May - 27 June

Griffith holds many memories and experiences for the artist, created from 28 years visiting his Nan Nancy and Pop Roy Stacy who lived there. Lawford Crescent represents the urge to capture these moments, before the connection weakens and the memories fade. It explores themes of summer, Italian architecture, fruit trees, hot bitumen and Pop Stacy’s land cruiser.



Rosanna Cox: In Deep Water

1 July - 15 August

The artworks explore the connections of water and life in the Riverina through the lens of abstraction. The artist aims to invite the audience to consider the impact of water on the people and animals of the area as well as acknowledging the uses, sources and supply of the water. Most of the works juxtapose di?erent concepts, such as man made with natural in a subtle way, though some of them blatantly place objects and ideas in such a way as to challenge the audience into questioning. What is the purpose or meaning of the composition? How does this e?ect the way I see and understand water?


Red Racing Hood

Lisa Taliano & Di Tarr: Art for Art's Sake, Money for God's Sake

19 August - 4 October

A good collaboration produces universal thinking. The saying “two heads are better than one” allows an input of new and challenging ideas, and letting go of how we think things should be – resulting in new work with a life of it’s own. After that “Art is a completed pass. You don’t just throw it out into the world – someone has to catch it” James Turrell. This exhibition marks a bold experiment for two established artists – letting go of their individual practice to enter into a partnership that will take them into unchartered territory. 




Pam Kent: Come into My Garden

8 October - 15 November

Artist Pam Kent works in photographic medium and this exhibition will use photography, photogravure, cyanotypes and ziatypes to explore the abstract and the real in a journey through the artist’s garden. The exhibition will focus on the exquisite detail of flowers and plants and animals in the garden – a garden that is both a passion and a retreat from the everyday.



Julius Caesar

Mother Love

19 November - 24 December 

Selected Works from our 2019 Community Exhibition




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