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Artspace is about creating a conversation between the artist and the community.  
Located at the Griffith Regional Theatre, Artspace is an annual program of exhibitions showcasing local artists, each exhibition runs for six weeks and has a local connection.

The full program and exhibition details and dates will be posted soon.

Want to be part of our Community Arts Program? Contact the Gallery about exhibiting in Artspace or send us proposals for workshops, art classes, activities and presentations.
For more information please call (02) 6962 8338 or email gallery@griffith.nsw.gov.au


2022 ArtSpace

In the Shadows by Krysten Taprell

Monday 28 February - Thursday 14 April

Over the past 12 months I have been experimenting with the style Open impressionism. Open Impressionism is a new style and movement that has sparked fresh enthusiasm for contemporary impressionism. Developed by Erin Hanson, Open Impressionism is characterized by wide brush strokes applied without layering, and intense, vivid colour. The colours are vibrant, pre-mixed, and un-mudded. The thick brush strokes are left to exist as they are placed, which preserves every tiny ridge in the paint left by the brush. This medley of texture pulls the eye along in an ever-moving dance within the landscape. From day break to sun down, the changing light over the surface of a painting flows in and out of the crevices in the paint, trailing behind itself ever changing shadows and colours.

This exhibition would show the progression an adaption of this technique. While not all the works are “true” Open impressionism, there is a definite influence in the colour and application.

In the Shadows will have an opening function on Friday 25 April at 6pm.
Please RSVP to gallery@griffith.nsw.gov.au or for more information please call 02696 28338.




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