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Garden 3 - Lawrence Salvestrin and Tori Horder: Davit Farm

“Davit Farm”

Farm 2527, 667 Cashmere Road, Widgelli

Davit Farm is a constantly evolving, gracious, three acre garden divided into large spans with French and Italian influences. The main delights are formal lily pond, a Monet lake and bridge, a white trunked forest in which a huge sculpture, “Irony”, resides, a May and Mulberry walk, species rose garden, beautiful bronzes and spectacular dry stone work. Every seat has its purpose whether it be to enjoy the view, a cuppa, a beverage or a chat to an old friend.

Providing: Morning / afternoon tea & lunch

Added Attractions: raffles, garden tours

Tours with Tori: 10.30am & 3pm Friday 18, Saturday 19, Sunday 20 October

Supporting: Griffith Riding for the Disabled


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