Costa takes over


Costa will be taking over the @VisitGriffith Instagram page on Thursday 15 October.

Join Costa live and free from 12-1pm where he will be available to answer your questions about gardening (and more).



Costa's quick tips 

  • Succulents are the perfect way to get started in gardening or an ideal plant to put in places where you may not have great success due to the conditions: too dry, too windy, short amount of daily sun. The great thing about succulents is that once you start growing them you can take cuttings and propagate them to share with friends and family or to fill more spaces around your place. There is a never ending variety of succulents available and the hardest part for most people is to just get started. Go on!! Give succulents a go!!!
  • Container gardening is a wonderful way to get started with gardening and growing or simply to add some greenery to another part of your garden. And it is ideal for people who don’t have a traditional garden. If you only have a balcony, a courtyard, or even a rooftop, containers are only as limited as your imagination and a little bit of effort can transform and reuse lots of things around the house or on the street at the local council clean up. Put your container goggles on and look at the world through container eyes. The possibilities are endless.
  • We can all contribute to the problem of waste and landfill by simply taking the food scraps out of our bins. This move alone will rid your house of the smells associated with decomposing food. Have a purpose built sealed kitchen bench top container in a location where the whole family can start to change their habits by putting scraps into it. A small effort like this makes a world of difference and the material can then be put in compost, worm farms, chicken coop, or even be taken to your local community garden to be composted if you don’t have your own system going yet.
  • When you use your shallots, cut them off about 1-1.5cm from the base and plant this into a pot. Within a couple of days you will see a new shoot coming out from the centre and you will have the beginning of your own shallot growing enterprise. If not an enterprise at least your own supply at home so save them and start growing.
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