Virgin Nudie Sunrise


Enjoy a delicious and refreshing mocktail, specially created by Nudie Juice, using their nudie orange juice, grown locally from farmers in Griffith. Be sure to also meet the farmers who grow these local oranges.

Prep time: 2 minutes
Total time: 2 minutes
Servings: 1


•             100ml nudie orange juice (or nudie proactive extra defence)
•             Handful of berries
•             Splash of soda water
•             1 cup of ice
•             Slice of orange (to garnish) 


1.            Pour your nudie orange juice (or proactive defence) over ice in a long glass
2.            Muddle the berries and add on top
3.            Add a splash of soda water and give the drink a quick stir
4.            Finish with an orange wheel

(Naughty nudie suggestion: IF you want to make your nudie naughty, add a shot of tequila)


  • Griffith City Council
  • Museum
  • Leisure Centre
  • Theatre
  • Gallery
  • Library
  • Visit Griffith