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Garden 6 - Patricia and Sally Jones: Yambiana

69 Halse Road, Yenda

The garden at Yambiana is a traditional country garden that has been 54 years in the making.

Patricia Jones, now 98 years of age, has nurtured both exotic and native species of trees to create a sanctuary that has survived through drought and flood. The garden features mature trees and expansive lawns.

The garden has undergone restoration during 2019 following a period of extreme weather variability.

“The most important thing is to have enough money to grow beautiful trees” - Patricia Jones 2019

Providing: Roasted lamb lunch from 11.30am

Added Attractions: Local presentations on Dorper lamb 2pm Friday 18 October, composting with Wormtech products 2pm Saturday 19 October, and landscaping with local red metal 2pm Sunday 20 October

Supporting: Griffith Anglican Cathedral & Country Hope


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