Swim School Policies

Family Discounts

Family Discounts only apply when FULL PAYMENT is made for ALL children at the one time. Payment is required at time of enrolment. Families on direct debit will also recieve the discount.


Make-ups can only be issued when an absence has been notified at least 2 hours prior to the lesson. Make-ups can not be guaranteed and only work if absences are notified. Make-ups can not be carried over to the next term or transferred to credit.

Medical Policy

If a child is enrolled in the Splash Swim School and has a medical condition, the parent must list the type of condition in the enrolment details. (this is kept confidential)


Credits are only issued in extenuating circumstances or for extended periods of notified absences in conjunction with a doctor’s certificate.

Credits will not be issued for a single missed lesson during the term. Make-ups are for this purpose.


No refunds will be given for classes missed during the term or during intensive lessons. Management will use its discretion in exceptional circumstances.


Enrolments will not be taken if money is outstanding on a child’s file.

A receipt or other proof of purchase must be shown to clear any outstanding payments on files.