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School Swimming and Water Safety Program

Splash Swim Schools offers an award winning School Swimming and Water Safety Program to all local and surrounding schools. The program is developed and delivered to meet benchmarks within the industry and is provided at half the cost of our normal swimming lessons to hopefully teach children who may not be able to afford swimming lessons.

The program focuses on helping children achieve national benchmarks of swimming competencies, this includes water safety, survival and swimming skills. It is important that children learn not only how to swim but how to survive and stay safe in the water. At the end of the program each child receives a certificate which shows what they have achieved during this time.


For Parents:

If your child is participating in this program with their school here are some handy tips:

What to bring - swim wear, goggles, towel

For children with long hair, please have it tied back or wear a swim cap

Parents are welcome to come in and watch. A $1.50 spectator fee may be charged at time of entry

For information about swimming national benchmarks and minimum competensies please visit the Royal Life Saving Society website and view their National Swimming and Water Safety Framework PDF. www.royallifesaving.com.au


For Schools:

If your school would like to partciipate in this program we would love to hear from you. To request a booking form or for more information please email swimschool@griffith.nsw.gov.au