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Splash Class Levels

Baby Play & Toddler Time

These 30 minute classes are the ideal opportunity to introduce your baby to the aquatic environment through the use of rhymes and activities. Skills including submerging, floating and the promotion of movement through water are developed. We have two levels in our waterbabies classes, they are Baby Play - 6-18 months and Toddler Time from 18-36 months.

There are many advantages in starting children at this age both physically and mentally. The three more important being:

  • Water familiarisation
  • Exercise and development of motor skills
  • Bonding between parent and child as well as offering a social environment for child, parent and all participants

Ratio: 1 teacher: 10 children & parents

Tadpoles - from 30 months old

This transitional class from toddler time to learn to swim lessons, is similar to toddler time but without a parent in the water with the child, and will further develop independence in the water.This 20 minute class is a wonderful class in which to start young children, as they will have an extremely enjoyable time and really make great progress towards becoming safe and strong in the water. The Teacher will handle the class entirely, however we like either mum or dad to be on the pool-deck watching, waving and encouraging their young swimmers.

Ratio: 3 teachers: 5 students.


The aims of this class is to encourage and achieve water confidence and independance in the water. Learn body position and straight leg kicking.

Lessons focus on developing the following skills and will be assessed on:

  • Face in / Blow bubbles
  • Independent swim
  • 3m independent front Rocket with straight leg kicking
  • 3m Kick on board (front & Back)
  • Front & Back Floating 
  • Float, recover and return to edge

Ratio:  1 instructor: 4 children.

(Note: Startfish1 is aimed at 3-4 year olds and Starfish2 is aimed at 5 years and older)

Swimmer Crabs

The aim of this class is to master strong straight legs, flutter kick (front & back). Streanline body position. We will encourage confidence, mobility, submerging and propulsion. 

Lessons focus on developing the following skills and will be asseessed on:

  • 5m front and back rocket (streamline body position)
  • Push, Glide, Kick
  • 5m Kick with board (front & back) straight strong kicks
  • Independent back floating
  • Retrieve submerged object
  • Seated dive

Ratio:  1 Instructor: 5 children.


This level will build on streamline body position and gain an understanding of freestyle and backstroke action. 

Lessons focus on developing the following skills and will be assessed on:

  • 8m front rocket (streamline body position)
  • 8m back rocket (streamline body position)
  • 8m over arm action
  • 8m backstroke action
  • Independent back float 20 seconds
  • Push, glide kick
  • Kneeling dive

Ratio:  1 Instructor: 5 children.


Students will be introduced to basic freestyle and backstroke and incorporating the coordinations of legs, arms and breathing. The focus is technique, streamline body position, side breathing, neat hand entries and strong kicking.

Lessons focus on developing the following skills and will be assessed on:

  • 18m freestyle with breathing
  • 18m backstroke
  • Push, glide, kick wth grab start
  • 15m Front and Back rockets (streamline)
  • Dolphin kick action
  • Back float 30 seconds
  • Underwater swim
  • Kneeling dive

Ratio:  1 Instructor: 5 children

Seal Cubs

Students will work on their technique for freestyle and backstroke and introduce bilateral breathing. They will also gain confidence in swimming the distance of the 25m pool.

Lessons focus on developing the following skills and will be assessed on:

  • Correct freestyle and backstroke technique
  • 25m freestyle
  • 25m backstroke
  • Push glide starts
  • 20m Front and Back Rockets (streamline)
  • breaststroke kick action
  • back float 45 seconds
  • treadwater
  • Somersault
  • Standing dive

Ratio:  1 instructor: 5 children


Students will master the correct technique and body position for freestyle and backstroke. They will also be introduced to breaststroke and work towards improving stamina.

Lessons focus on developing the following skills and will be assessed on:

  • 50m bilateral freestyle
  • 50m backstroke
  • 25m front and back streamline kick
  • Breaststroke kick 15m
  • Introduce survival strokes
  • Back foat 1 min
  • Tread water 1 min
  • Somersault with push off wall
  • Standing Dive

Ratio:  1 instructor: 6 children


In this class students will further build and develop freestyle and backstroke technique, increase stamina, will be introduced to tumble turns and master breaststroke.

Lessons focus on developing the following skills and will be assessed on:

  • 75m freestyle and turns (bilateral breathing).
  • 75m backstroke and turns
  • 50m breaststroke
  • 25m front and back steamline kick
  • 25m dolphin kick
  • Survival strokes and sculling
  • Back Float 2 minutes
  • Tread water 2 minutes
  • Dive off block

Ratio:  1 instructor: 10 students.


The aim of Dolphins is to prepare students for squad levels by fully extending all strokes and building on what has been practiced over the previous levels. Students will master butterfly, tumble turns and diving and work towards extend all distances to increase stamina.

Lessons focus on developing the following skills and will be assessed on:

  • 200m freestyle
  • 200m backstroke
  • 100m breaststoke
  • 50m butterfly fins on
  • 50m butterfly no fins
  • 50m front and back streamline kick
  • survival strokes and sculling
  • Back float 2 minutes
  • Tread water 2 minutes
  • all tumble turns
  • Race dive

Ratio:  1 instructor: 12 children.

Marlin Squad

Marlin Squad will prepare students for the rigors of competitive swimming and offer fitness and stamina to swimmers who have completed all levels in the swim school. Students must be competent in all 4 strokes, race dives and turns. To progress to Mini Squad or Bronze Squad levels, students will be assessed by the squad coach. Assessments for Marlins are on going during the term.


Note: all classes are 30 minutes except Mantarays (45mins), Dolphins and Marlin Squad (60mins)

Special Needs Private Lessons

Special Needs Learn to Swim is designed for children with a disability. Our professional instructors are experienced in special needs aquatic education and help students learn to swim and be safe in the water. Please contact the centre for further information.

Private Lessons

Splash Swim School also provides private lessons, tailored for children (+5yrs old) and adults of all abilities. The classes are conducted on a one-on-one basis to suit individual needs. Please contact the centre for more information.


Learning to swim is a long and ongoing process and for many, is a difficult skill to master. Some students can hit a plateau, while others progress in leaps and bounds. Each level has a checklist of skills which must be accomplished in order to progress to the next level. Class levels are assessed at different weeks each term. This allows for quality time to be spent with each child during the assessment and provides the ability to change your enrolment as soon as the child progresses. If you have any questions about your child’s grading or progress, please see the Swim School Supervisors - if you have concerns, we can arrange an additional assessment.

We understand feedback is important and are happy to discuss your child’s progress and answer any questions you may have. Email enquiries to the swim school:   swimschool@griffith.nsw.gov.au 

Classes will be assessed during the term at the following times:
Week 2 - Dolphin and Mantaray
Week 3 - Seal and Seal Cub
Week 4 - Penguin and Octopus
Week 5 - Swimmer crab
Week 6 - Starfish
Week 7 - reassessments (by request from instructors)


Please note: Our class ratios are small to allow for effective teaching. Student to teacher ratios are subject to change at short notice or in the event of teacher absence.