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Swim Shop

We stock a great range of Speedo and Zoggs swimwear for adults, children and toddlers with all the latest colours, styles and designs with new stock arriving regularly.

We also have an excellent range of goggles, with styles for the serious competitive swimmer right through to the casual leisure swimmer.  There is also a large range of goggles in smaller styles for children.

The Splash Swim Shop also has a range of long lasting training equipment including fins, kickboards, pull buoys, paddles, caps and lots more.

Finding the Perfect Swim Suit

Swimwear is mainly about what you feel comfortable in.  Thinking about the following points will ensure your suit is both suitable and comfortable.

What style fits your activies?

  • If you're lap swimming - an action back style will maximise arm movement
  • If you enjoy Aquarobics classes - think about a suit with a little more bust support
  • For regular spa users - go for a darker colour suit as bright colours can fade in the heat
  • After a suit for swimming and leisure -  look for extra details like ruching, bows, panels and pleats

Come in and try different types of styles!

Due to different fabrics and styles between brands you maybe a larger or smaller size than your usual clothing size.  You may find a different size is much for comfortable.

Make sure the seams fit flat against your body and don't 'dig in' and the shoulder straps do not push down too hard

Swing your arms, bend and move your legs, ensuring the suit stays firmly in place.

Most importantly, think about how comfortable the suit is.

Caring for your swim wear

Follow these instructions to get the longest life out of your swimwear:

  • Always rinse your swimwear in clean, cold water, immediately after use
  • Avoid wrapping your swimwear in a towel, this will stretch the fibres and breed bacteria
  • Do not machine wash or use detergents on your swimwear.  If washing is required, only use a very gentle soap
  • Avoid rough pool edges, concrete and tiles, these can snag or pill your swimwear
  • Sunscreen and other lotions can fade or stain your swimwear
  • Wringing tightly will stretch and twist swimwear fibres.  Instead squeeze your swimwear in a dry towel, and then hang in the shade to dry
  • Try to give your swimwear 24 hours between wears – this allows the fabric to return to its original shape
  • Heat will fade bright colours, so do not dry in direct sunlight, and wear darker colours in the spa


When choosing your goggles:

  • Make sure the goggle fits firmly around the eyes, particularly the outer eye socket
  • Make sure the straps fit around the head, just above the ears.  Goggle straps are easily adjustable
  • Some styles have adjustable nose pieces, allowing a customised fit, whilst others have fixed nose pieces, which can't be moved.  Try the goggles on to make sure they fit
  • All goggles at Griffith Regional Aquatic Leisure Centre can be tried on before purchase. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the best style to suit your needs.

 Looking after your goggles:

  • Almost all goggles have an anti-fog coating on the inside lens, so avoid touching this part or rubbing with a towel.  If your goggles fog up simply wash them out with water
  • Rinse goggles in clean, cold water.  Avoid any detergents, cleaning products and hot water
  • Keep dry goggles in a soft, protective bag, or hard case, to ensure they are protected

Refunds and Returns

Griffith Regional Aquatic Leisure Centre will endeavour to replace or exchange, swimwear, goggles or accessories if a manufacturing defect occurs. Returns are not taken for change of mind.

All stock at Griffith Regional Aquatic Leisure Centre can be tried on or inspected before purchase.