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'Lil Petals Creche

Welcome to ‘Lil Petals Crèche

Welcome to the Griffith Regional Aquatic Leisure Centre Crèche service. To assist us in providing a safe and happy environment for the children in our care, we have established these guidelines for parents. The crèche offers short time child care to parents using the centre. Parents must not leave the centre while their children are in our care. Two hours is the maximum time a child may be left in the crèche. Most children are quite happy to be left for a short time. On each visit you will be required to complete a crèche attendance form. This will include information on where you will be within the centre and information that will assist us to care for your child. The parent/carer will be required to sign their child/children in and out of each session.

‘Lil Petals Crèche Operating Times

Monday to Friday: 9am to 12pm

Please Note: The Crèche is not open on Saturday mornings, weekends or Public Holidays.


Our aim is to help you enjoy the use of our Centre’s facilities with peace of mind, knowing that your child is enjoying quality care in a happy, friendly and safe environment. Our staff work together as a team to provide consistent quality care. We give each child the opportunity to develop their cognitive, language, physical, social/emotional and self help skills. To provide a stimulating environment we offer a wide choice of activities and alternate equipment on a weekly basis to provide variety. Strict hygiene procedures are encouraged for staff and children to minimise cross infection. We are vigilant of hazards in our environment and equipment and teach children in our care to be mindful of their safety and that of others.

We believe that families play an important role in caring for their children. Therefore, we ask that you share information about your child’s life at home. This helps us to gain an understanding of your child and your expectations of the care we will provide. Our crèche offers short-term care for children while their family members are enjoying the Centre’s facilities. This means that children are constantly coming and going. Therefore, we provide flexible routines for all children in our care. Children are encouraged to eat when they are hungry, sleep when they are tired and play as they wish. We meet the needs of all children in our care as they arise. Let our friendly staff look after your child while you enjoy the Centre’s facilities! With the high turnover of children using the crèche it is difficult for staff to feed and change children. We ask that you feed and change your child before you leave them in our care. If your child wishes to bring a snack please ensure it is a healthy one (i.e. piece of fruit).

Please do not bring nuts or nut products due to children with allergies.

All prams/pushers, drink containers, bags, etc. must be clearly labeled. Please provide a hat for your child to encourage sun safety. In the interest of public health and the wellbeing of other children, we will not accept any child into our care who has a contagious condition or skin condition. If your child is feeling unwell, please keep the child at home.

Talk to our friendly creche staff to organise a time for your child to visit the creche whilst you have a relaxing swim or sweat it out in the gym.

Crèche Fees

To use the crèche is $6.50 per child per hour or part thereof. Multipass are $150 for 30 visits (per hour or part thereof).