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A community exhibition showcasing local artists, who have been asked to create art from music.

Have you ever wondered about the impact music has had on other forms of art? You may have felt the sensations yourself as the melody travelled through you, triggering a feeling you didn’t even know existed, inspiring you to create something that made you feel the same way?

Many great Modern Artists such as: Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky used music as an inspiration for art. Through painting or sculpture, these artists found a way to visually mirror image their strong emotional response to music. The choice of colour or the artists’ brush strokes were often direct result of the melody and rhythm that they heard via a musical composition! This visual representation of music often depended on abstraction: colour, form and shape are freed from objective representation and artworks were often painted rapidly or in multiple sessions to repeating music.

Neva Dalla, Tracks, mixed media on canvas, 2022

Exhibition Details

Opening Event: 6pm Thursday 14 April
Closes: Sunday 15 May


Event Details


Lunch Society, 12pm Wednesday 20th April
Enjoy lunch at the Gallery along with a 15 minute guided tour of the exhibition with the Lunch Society 12pm.
Signing up to the Lunch Society is free, lunch is $20.
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DECODED LIVE, 6pm Thursday 5th May
Music in Art History Talk and a live viewing of art and sound by Bernard Gray and DECODED members.
Tickets are $5 with light refreshments provided.
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The Musical Instruments Forum, 6pm Friday 13th May
Pop up exhibition curated by Ben Ceccato 
See some of our region’s hidden treasures as collectors let us display their musical instruments and hear all about the wonderful and weird stories behind them.
Free event, limited tickets.


Opening Hours

Saturday & Sunday: 11am - 2pm  
Wednesday - Friday: 10am - 5pm  
Closed: Monday & Tuesday  

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