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Finding Home: Engaging Youth in Regional Australia Exhibition

Finding Home is an exhibition based on the Engaging Youth in Regional Australia Study led by Dr Candice Boyd from the University of Melbourne and funded by the Australian Research Council. The research took place in three regional towns – Griffith NSW, Hedland WA, and Port Lincoln SA. Each of these towns is experiencing net youth outmigration despite their strong local economies. The research sought to better understand the reasons why young people leave these areas but also why some choose to stay, and others return.
Youth outmigration has been an issue in regional Australia for decades, based on an enduring assumption that young people need to leave to pursue educational and employment opportunities that the regions can’t provide. This research demonstrates that choosing to stay or leave a regional area as a young Australian is a deeply emotional and complex decision – not a foregone conclusion.
What if instead of asking them “when are you leaving?”, we asked “what are your plans?”?  What difference might that small shift in emphasis make so that regional youth feel free to make a home wherever they feel safe and comfortable, and not according to prior assumptions and expectations?  How might Australian regions better foster young people who choose to stay, support the transition for those who leave, and value the knowledge and experience of those who return?  What might we learn from Aboriginal practices of passing knowledge from one generation to another?  How can we engage youth in regional Australia in novel ways as they journey towards ‘finding home’?

Exhibition Details

On display from: Wednesday 22 September
Closes: Sunday 7 November 
Image Credit: Tal Fitzpatrick, EYRA Story Quilt (Griffith), 2020, detail

Opening Hours

Saturday & Sunday: 11am - 2pm  
Wednesday - Friday: 10am - 5pm  
Closed: Monday & Tuesday  

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