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School Zones

School Zones are in operation from 8am - 9.30am and 2.30pm - 4pm on all gazetted school days, including pupil free days.

Speed limits are 40km per hour in these zones. 

School Zone Parking

Council's school enforcement program operates for the safety of all children and families.

The aim of the Program is to minimise risks to children by parents and carers who choose to park illegally when picking up or dropping off during school starting and finishing times.

Parking offences

Familiarising yourself with these offences will help keep Kogarah's school zones safe for children, families and the rest of the community.


Under no circumstances are you allowed to stop here unless there is a medical or other emergency.
Penalty: $325 + 2 Demerit Points


You may stop here for no more than 2 minutes but only when engaged in picking up or dropping off passengers. You must stay within 3 metres of your vehicle, otherwise no stopping is permitted.
Penalty: $180 + 2 Demerit Points


You are not allowed to stop your vehicle unless you are driving a bus.
Penalty: $325 + 2 Demerit Points


You are not permitted to stop or park your vehicle alongside another vehicle that is already parked parallel to the kerb.
Penalty: $325 + 2 Demerit


You are not permitted to stop or park your vehicle or near or on a Children’s or Pedestrian Crossing.
Penalty: $433 + 2 Demerit Points
For a full list of all new penalties and offences, please visit or phone Roads and Maritime Services on 13 22 13.