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Parking in and around the CDB of Griffith is monitored to ensure overall equity of access of parking for local business and patrons.

Parking and traffic laws in the City of Griffith are put into place to ensure the safe and fair use of our roads for the benefit of everyone. Griffith City Council, through its Local Traffic Committee is responsible for managing on-street parking.

Parking restrictions are introduced to manage parking demand for a particular area. No Stopping and No Parking restrictions are designated to manage road safety and traffic flow.

Often, people park illegally because it is convenient. These people do not realise that they may be inconveniencing someone else or placing others in danger.

The following people can issue a penalty infringement notice (parking fine) in the City of Griffith NSW:

  • any NSW police officer, or
  • an authorised Council Enforcement Officer.

If you have any questions regarding parking or fines, please contact Griffith City Council on 6962 8100.

Parking Guidelines – Schools Zones

School Parking

School parking is a major safety hazard at some schools.  Children and pedestrians are at risk being hurt when there are a lot of vehicles incorrectly parked or speeding through school zones.

Common parking problems:

  • Stopping/Parking on a footpath
  • Parking on a NO STOPPING area, or stopping on a road during the prohibited times.
  • Parking in a NO Parking area
  • Double parking
  • Parking on a nature strip or verge without the owner's consent
  • Parking so that the vehicle causes an obstruction
  • Parking facing the wrong way

 Golden rules:

  • Be aware
  • Be Courteous
  • Be responsible
  • Be a 'Perfect Parker'
  • Observe Parking signs

 Don't be an inconsiderate parker by:

  • Blocking driveways
  • Parking on footpaths
  • Getting frustrated
  • Obstructing children's crossing

Safety concerns around schools - watch out for:

  • Speeding motorists
  • Bends in the road
  • Lack of available parking bays
  • Parking on footpaths
  • Parking across driveways

What parents can and should do:

  •  Always be aware of children
  • Walk or cycle to and from school
  • Try and use nearby parking facilities such as reserves or shopping centres and walk the short distance to school
  • Plan your trip so that you arrive earlier and arrive on the school side of the road

Prohibition Signs

Parking prohibitions are imposed to regulate and modify parking patterns.  Their main function is to ensure that potential vehicle/pedestrian conflicts are eliminated.

Essentially there are two types of prohibitions which have specific meanings under the Road Traffic Code 'No Parking’

NO PARKING means that a motorist may stop the vehicle to immediately set down or pick up passengers or goods, and my stay no longer than 2 minutes and be no more than 3 metres from the vehicle

NO STOPPING means that a motorist may not stop the vehicle in this zone, not to drop off or pick up passengers or goods at any time, unless stated on road sign.

The Compliance Unit works closely with the Council Road Safety Officer and the Local Traffic Committee of Griffith City Council.

Timed Parking

Timed Parking exists in the CDB of Griffith and surrounding areas.

These areas are monitored by Council Compliance on a daily basis. Please check signage of timed parking when leaving a vehicle.

Timed Parking: Road Rules - on or with the sign

Timed parking areas have been put in place throughout the municipality to assist those requiring use of the facilities. Due to the limited number of car parking spaces available, and in conjunction with requests from organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce, there has been a need for the introduction and enforcement of timed parking in and around the CDB area. This practice is aimed primarily to 'Fairness to All'

Vehicles may only be parked in timed parking areas for the length of time specified on the sign eg: a sign with the indication 2P means that you may park for no more than 2 hours during the times and on days specified (if any) without moving your car.

If you move your car one or two bays in the area and re-park  in the next bay along, you have not necessarily left the parking area and may be issued with an infringement notice.

Parking areas are shown by signs outlining the restriction at either end of and, if necessary, at various points within the parking area.

You will need to ensure that the area in which you park gives you enough time to complete your tasks and allow for unexpected delays. Time limits are strictly enforced throughout the municipality to provide access to the parking areas to as many people as possible.

All day free parking

There are various FREE Parking areas allocated in the CDB that are TIME FREE. These parking areas include:

  • Railway Street
  • Tranter Place
  • Olympic Street
  • Senior Citizens & Community Centre Car Park, located on Yambil Street and Canal Street
  • 'Don Isles Car Park', located in Yambil Street 
  • 'Tourist Information Car Park' on the corner of Jondaryan and Banna Ave
  • Banna Ave, from the Tourist Information Centre, to the corner of Mackay and Blumer Ave
  • 'Henri Morel Car Park', located in Yambil Street

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