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Griffith City Council wishes to advise that there will be a reduction in the speed limit on Calabria Road between Citrus Road and Rankins Springs Road effective 30 September 2019.

Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) in conjunction with Council and the Local Traffic Committee, conducted a review of the speed zones in the area.

The reduction of the speed on Calabria Road from 100km/h to 50 km/h has been triggered by the recent residential expansion of the area as well as community concerns about the safety of the road environment particularly the narrow width of the carriageway and its proximity to power poles and drainage channels.

Chair of the Local Traffic Committee, Councillor Doug Curran said the extension of the 50km zone on Calabria Road will mean it will only take an additional 14 seconds to travel along the 400 meter section of roadway, which is insignificant when compared to the potential to reduce road crashes.   

“Several factors were taken into consideration when making this decision, including the length of the road affected, the busy intersection with Rankins Springs Road, and the location of the roundabout on Calabria/Citrus Road did not warrant the existing 100km/h speed limit,” said Councillor Curran.

“Speed changes will be implemented in an attempt to improve road safety across the Local Government Area, and to provide a more consistent and efficient road network.”

“It should be remembered that speed limits are not a target and drivers should always drive to the prevailing conditions – even if sometimes that means driving at a slower speed than the sign posted restrictions.”

The new speed limit will commence from 30 September 2019 and relevant signs will be installed along the route to advise drivers of the changes.

For more information, please contact Griffith City Council on 6962 8100.