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Work continues at a steady pace on the Yambil Street upgrade. 
Council appreciates that the project has taken considerably longer than anticipated and shares frustrations with the delay.
Unfortunately the lack of contractors has been a constant problem. This issue has been created due to the boom of construction activity in our region, and indeed right across the entire state. There are simply not enough private contractors available to meet all of the construction demands. 
In an effort to speed the project up, Council has now diverted staff resources from other Council projects to work on Yambil Street.
An additional challenge is the fact that construction of the new road has been brought to a standstill due to the weather conditions. The majority of the road does not get any sun due to the shading of the buildings. This, with the occasional rain, makes the base layer unsuitable to add the final hotmix layer. 
Alternative drying methods are being investigated to find a solution to get the road finished as soon as possible. In the meantime, work on the north side is focussed on finishing the footpath.
Construction of footpath on the north side has started at the Kooyoo Street corner and will continue down to the public parking lot/laundrette for the next couple of weeks. Some businesses might not have access to their front entrance for a couple of days. 
Please make use of back entrances where possible and lookout for signs and instructions close to the job site.
As works have progressed, more parallel parking spaces have become available. More parking spaces will continue to be made available as the project progresses. 
Visitors to businesses on the north side are encouraged to park along Banna Avenue. Please obey the road rules and do not park across driveways.
The safety of all road users and pedestrians continues to be of utmost importance to Council. Accessibility of pedestrians is managed on a daily basis. 
Thank you for your continued patience as we build a better Yambil Street. Thank you also to our staff and team of contractors who are working extremely hard on this project and continuing to address the many challenges that have arisen.