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Griffith City Council manages the following cemeteries:

Bagtown Cemetery
Pedley Road, Hanwood

Griffith Cemetery
Corner Wakaden Street and Blumer Avenue, Griffith

Yenda Cemetery
Cemetery Road, Yenda

Burials can be arranged by contacting the Cemetery Supervisor on 6964 3642 or 0418 695 683.

For after hours bookings please contact 0438 166 097

For enquiries regarding Burial Records, please contact Customer Service on 02 6962 8100 or email

FAQ - Griffith Lawn Cemetery

Modern lawn cemeteries, especially the Griffith Lawn Cemetery, offer well kept, fully maintained burial portions. Families who choose to bury their loved ones in a lawn cemetery have the security of knowing that the graves will always be looked after.

Faced with many decisions at a difficult time, opting for a lawn cemetery burial is often regarded as a sensible choice.

However, to allow us to maintain high standards, we do need your co-operation and understanding.

Accordingly, we have prepared this page to answer frequently asked questions about the Griffith and Yenda Lawn Cemeteries, with particular focus on our obligation to you, and your entitlements and responsibilites.

Q: What is a Permit to Bury?

When you apply for a burial in our cemetery, we will grant you access to a particular grave plot. The grant is referred to as 'The Permit to Bury'.

Q: What is an Application for Reservation?

When you apply for a reservation in our cemetery, you need to complete an Application for Reservation form, stating applicant and the person the reservation is required for. This form as well as full payment needs to be lodged with Council.

Q: What is a Right of Burial?

When you apply for a reservation in our cemetery, we will grant you access to the next available plot, at the time of need. A certificate, defining the entitlement, is issued to the person nominated. The nominated person's entitlements under the certificate are exclusive. This certificate must be produced at time of burial.

Q: How many burials may take place in a single grave?

All graves at the Lawn Cemetery are prepared to accept TWO adult burials. However, special arrangements can be made to bury up to THREE adults in a grave.

Q: Can the ashes of someone who has been cremated be placed in a grave?

Yes. Graves can be used for burials and interment of ashes. We place no limit (other than a practical one) on the number of ash urns that may be placed in a grave.

Q: Can anyone place a plaque at a grave?

No. A plaque order form can be obtained from Customer Service at Council's Administration Building. The person who signed the Application for Permit to Bury authorising the burial MUST sign this order form. We will NOT accept the order if signed by another party.

Q: Do you supply the memorial plaque for the grave?

Yes. A standard 8 line plaque (381mm X 279mm) is paid for in the burial cost.

Q: I want to supply the plaque myself. Can I do that?

No. However a plaque from the Office of Australian War Graves is permissible. Should you obtain a plaque from the Office of Australian War Graves, Council is not required to refund any allowances already paid in the burial fee.

Q: Can I leave flowers at a grave in the Lawn Cemetery?

Yes, provided they are placed in the approved vases provided by Council.

Q: Can I plant trees, shrubs and bushes on the grave?

Without exception, NO! It is essential that lawn areas be kept clear at all times.

Q: Can I place embellishments on a grave in the lawn cemetery?

Yes.  In 2017 Council reviewed the Cemetery Management Plan and resolved to allow the placement of small embellishments on the grave site.
The embellishments are NOT to exceed 150mm (millimetres) in height and are only to be placed at the top of the relevant plaque.  The embellishment must not encroach onto the adjopining areas.

Note: If you require a more extensive monument, you should consider the MONUMENT SECTION or one of the traditional sections of the cemeteries. Please talk to one of our staff for more information.

Q: Can I glue an embellishment to the concrete?


Q: Can I leave balloons, flags or solar lights on the grave?

Yes, balloons are permitted, but will be removed after two weeks.
Flags are NOT permitted, with the exception of small national flags placed on national days such as Australia Day for one week.
Solar lights, yes only ONE solar light is permitted, but must be placed in the vase holder.

Q: Can I place a photo at the grave?

A photo can be supplied with the plaque at the time of ordering. Talk to one of our Customer Service Officers for more information.

Q: How do I go about getting the small brass flower holder enlarged?

Residents wishing to have the flower holders enlarged can fill put an application form.
It is recommended that applicants consult with Cemetery Staff on site to discuss where the new flower holder is located.
The form can be obtained from Council's Admistration Building front counter or from the Griffith Cemetery office, or by clicking here.
Applicants must complete the form, meeting set criteria.  There is no charge to have this work carried out.  Council will engage a contractor to carry out the works once sufficient numbers have been recieved.
The completed form can either be delivered to Council's Customer Service staff or alternatively delivered to the Griffith Cemetery office or emailed to

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