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Griffith City Council recognises that young people enrich our city's vibrant culture through their vitality and creativity.

Council is committed to improving opportunities for young people by developing their talent and skills through projects that encourage involvement in the local community through a range of actions and initiatives.  In the 2011 census young people equate to 20.6% of the population

Events and committees such as Youth Interagency, Griffith Youth Committee and Youth Week, provide an avenue for young people to volunteer, perform, learn new skills, and meet new friends. Council also supports and develops various partnerships with local youth services and young people to facilitate the transition from confident young person to confident young adult.

Council encourages young people to enjoy, celebrate and participate in fun, free local events and cultural activities provided by and supported by council, local facilities, support services and partners.


Council is currently working in partnership with the Justice for Youth Committee to lobby the Federal Government for a Sub-accute Rehabilitation Centre for people dealing with drug and alcohol issues. If you would like more information or be involved in the Justice for Youth Committee, please contact Councillor Anne Napoli at or Trish Johnson at 

Griffith Youth Committee

Young people from local high schools meet to discuss and organise events across the area, with a particular focus on Youth Week. If you would like to be involved, please contact Council's Community Development Officer on 6962 8100 or 

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Youth Week

National Youth Week (NYW) is the largest celebration of young people in Australia. Thousands of young people aged 12-25 from across Australia get involved in NYW each year. NYW 2017 has now wrapped up, but young people should be excited and pumped about the big plans for 2018!

Visit for more information.

MY FEST – Murrumbidgee Youth Xtreme Arts Festival

What is MY FEST?

MY FEST stands for MURRUMBIDGEE YOUTH XTreme Arts FESTIVAL and it is a youth arts festival for young people from the Western Riverina.

WHO?  Young people aged 11 – 26 years. We want it to be inclusive of everyone in this age range – from late primary school to early adulthood – whether or not they are in school.

It will be organised by a committee made up of young people, youth workers and arts workers. The committee will decide on the final program of activities so it is really important that young people have a voice in saying what they want to happen.

Wherever possible the people doing the performances and exhibitions, and running the workshops will be young artists.

WHEN? It will run over 11 days from 19 to 29 September 2017. It will start in the last week of Term 3 and go into the first week of the school holidays, so that as many young people as possible can attend.

WHAT? The program will include performances, workshops, exhibitions, displays and a concert. The idea is to have activities that young people can participate in – not just watch. Wherever possible the people performing, exhibiting or running workshops will be young people – and we will try to match the shows and displays with workshops and activities so that any interested young people can have a go.

It will be up to the committee to decide the final program but it could include:

  • Parkour and physical theatre performance and workshops
  • An exhibition of urban art  in the Regional Art Gallery and aerosol art workshops
  • Photography exhibition
  • Skateboard skills display and workshops
  • Film and video night
  • Circus performance and workshops
  • Dance performances and workshops
  •  Youth art markets
  •  Music events – including an all-ages concert

WHERE? There will be performances at the Theatre, in the street, at the skatepark, in the Gallery and wherever works. The workshops will be at the art gallery, at the Theatre, at PCYC and maybe some of the schools.


We already have funding to bring the Iron Lak urban art crew down to do workshops and paint the Gallery walls; and for Powerhouse Youth Theatre and Force Majeure dance company to present their parkour show Jump First/Ask Later and do parkour and dance workshops with local young people.


  • If you would like to be involved on the Committee we need people to :
  • Find out what young people in the area want to see and do, and let us know\
  • Help make decisions about what type of events and activities to run
  • Help us contact artists/performers that we want to include in the program
  • Design posters and promotional material for the festival
  • Promote the festival and individual activities : to your friends; on social media and in other media

Design your own, or help us to run events and activities


Every year the theatre has a performance season – which is a program of different shows over the year. In 2017 our theme is EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIMENT. Th Gallery has an annual program of art exhibitions and art activities. We really want people to get involved and try new things – so we are putting on workshops, talks, film nights, a community musical production, as well as the usual shows and exhibitions that people come to see.

We want young people to know that the theatre is a place where they can go to see exciting, contemporary performances that interest them. We want it to be a place where young people can put on their own performances and show their own work. We want the Art Gallery to be a place where young people see and make their own kind of art. We hope that MY FEST will be a time when young people take over these space and get involved. We hope that young people will come up with ideas for great art events that inspire other young people to express themselves, to rise above their challenges and be the best they can

In 2017 we will put on Jump First, Ask Later at the theatre and in the streets. We will bring the artists to Griffith for a week to do workshops and get local young people involved.

Jump First, Ask Later tells the stories of six young people, who are champions of Fairfield’s underground Parkour and street style community. The show merges urban freestyle forms with contemporary dance to create a physical story that explores the issues of violence, migration, redemption and ultimately the collective freedom these artists discovered by mapping their city through dance. At the heart of Parkour is a mindset of creativity – the idea that the obstacles you encounter shouldn’t be avoided but rather deliberately engaged with in order to find your path –
‘jump first, ask later’. It's a true story about how young people can achieve great things through different creative pathways. Responding to the environment through Parkour has changed a community and the young people in it.

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