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Griffith City Council Mayor John Dal Broi has welcomed new measures announced yesterday by Local Government Minister Gabrielle Upton to ensure councils are properly managing credit card expenditure.

The news comes as a report is due to be presented to Griffith councillors at the next ordinary meeting on Tuesday, 27 November detailing councillor expenditure.

“Any changes that make councils more accountable is welcomed. We have nothing to hide here at Griffith City Council,” Councillor Dal Broi said.

“I think these new measures will only help councils ensure they are doing the right thing.

“An independent auditor already regularly conducts credit card review, which is reported to the Audit Risk and Improvement Committee and then to Council.

“Aside from a rigorous approval process and definitely no cash advance facility on any credit cards, we’ve also adopted a fraud framework and credit card policy.”

The crackdown follows allegations a former general manager of Hay Shire Council spent more than $500,000 on a corporate credit card.

Among the range of measures announce by Ms Upton includes that every council create an audit, risk and improvement committee and a review of each local government's fraud prevention controls.

“This package of measures will help ensure council credit cards are not abused and they have the right mechanisms in place to account for all expenditure and identify any irregularities,” Ms Upton said.

“All councils in NSW must ensure that they have proper financial management systems in place to regulate credit card expenditure by their staff.”