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Expressions of Interest

Griffith City to Lake Fun Run

On 28 April 2020, Council resolved that Expressions of Interest be called from not-for-profit registered charitable organisations with a presence in the Griffith Local Government Area to organise and auspice the Griffith City to Lake Fun Run, for two years from 2021. Respondents are required to submit their Expression of Interest addressing the below criteria:
1. Name of Organisation
2. Contact Details
3. Charitable Status
4. Evidence of Permanent Presence in Griffith Local Government Area
5. Demonstrated Capacity to Organise a Large Public Event of this Nature
6. Intended Use of Funds Raised
7. Submission of a Draft Event Plan.
Submissions will be received by Council until 4pm on Friday 5 June 2020 and can be lodged online at
A report will be prepared for Council’s consideration following closure of the Expression of Interest. Council will provide in kind support through the development of a Traffic Management Plan for the event and provide traffic control staff on the day of the event.  The successful organisation is required to provide acquittal report on an annual basis.


Removal of House

Council is seeking applications by Expression of Interest for the sale and removal of a 2 bedroom single storey fibro clad house. Asbestos register is available. To view the house please contact Daphne Bruce, Corporate Property Officer on 6962 8100.
Written submissions will be received by Council until 4pm on Monday 1 June 2020.