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Information for Contractors

About Griffith City Council's Work Health & Safety

Griffith City Council recognises that the effective development, implementation and continuous improvement of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) system is necessary for the effective operation of our organisation.

The key to a successful WHS system involves, among other things positive cultural attitudes of every worker which includes managers, employees, contractors, volunteers, trainees, work experience and labour hire staff, towards achieving best practices in the workplace.

It must be recognised that a genuine team effort is needed so that WHS becomes everyone’s responsibility, as described in Griffith City Council WHS Policy relating to WHS responsibilities and authorities.  .

Every one of us must accept and share this responsibility to allow Griffith City Council to achieve its goal in Work Health and Safety Compliance by completing the following on a continual basis.

  • Safety leadership at all levels
  • Consultation and communication mechanisms
  • Risk management processes
  • Promotion of a safety culture
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Injury management and return to work programs

Griffith City Council is responsible for the implementation of actions to help realise a healthy, safe and injury free environment, model safe behaviour and identify and provide adequate resources to ensure a safe work place and safe systems of work.

Griffith City Council Safety Management System is designed to ensure that our workplace is healthy and safe and that incidents are prevented.

We are all responsible to adhere to safe systems of work and take reasonable care not to expose ourselves, others or the environment to unnecessary risk.

Griffith City Council Safety Management System is designed to comply with AS 4801 and includes:

  1. Appropriate policies and supporting procedures
  2. Consultative processes framed around continuous improvement
  3. Systems to implement our procedural requirements
  4. Internal scrutiny of our systems and the results they produce
  5. Periodic review of the effectiveness of our efforts by our leaders

Click here for the Griffith City Council Contractor Induction Handbook

Contractor Safety Information

Griffith City Council has an obligation to ensure that people and our city environments are not exposed to hazards or damage and that a safe workplace is provided for all workers where Council has direct control over the activities so far as is reasonably practicable.

All contractors/suppliers working for Council or on Council controlled work sites, facilities or projects shall meet the requirements of their own policies, procedures and all relevant WHS and Environmental legislation as a PCBU so far as is reasonably practicable. 

These groups will also be required to meet any Council specific requirements for WHS.

These requirements are outlined in Council's WHS Contractor Safety Information Handbook. 

The information contained in this area of our website is for Council's current or prospective contractors. It provides details on minimum safety requirements of contractors and also includes a number of templates available to assist contractors working for Council. 

More information is available by downloading Griffith City Council Contractor Handbook here

For further information please contact  or phone 02 0269694807

Contractor Safety Induction and Questionnaires

Contractor induction requirements

Contractors and sub-contractors (and anyone else who will be working on a Griffith City Council site / facility) MUST complete Council's online WHS Induction prior to commencing any work for Council.

No Contractor and its employees are to complete works at a Griffith City Council facility/ site without a completed induction.

If you and your workers need to complete the online induction, please email  with the following information;

Include the following details in the email as requested in the Contractor New Inductee Induction form.

  • Name of workers that are conducting works for Griffith City Council
  • Each workers email address
  • Copy of white card for each worker
  • Photo of each worker (head and shoulder - Jpeg)
  • Mailing address to post card back to you
  • Company Name that the person works for
  • Council Contact Name

GCC Online WHS Induction Acknowledgement  

Contractor New – Induct Record 

Once Griffith City Council has received the email, we will make arrangements for a usernames and passwords, and then send this information to the inductee and a link to the Griffith City Council online induction back to the individual.

The online induction will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Each worker will now be required to sign and return to Council, an acknowledgment form. This acknowledgement form will be emailed to each individual along with login details. Upon completion of the induction and return of the signed acknowledgment form, Council will issue an induction card to each person who successfully completes the online induction. This card must be carried by the recipient while working at a Griffith City Council facility.

If any of your workers have learning or literacy difficulties, we can arrange face to face inductions. You will need to contact Council to make these arrangements.

Contractor Induction Cards

Council will issue Contractor Cards to all contractors that complete the online induction. The cards are valid for 3 years unless revoked for non-conformance. Contractors are expected to carry these cards with them whilst working on a Council site/project.

Online Inductions are valid for 3 years and then you will need to complete a refresher by once again emailing Council reserves the right to revoke any contractor card/induction for any WHS non-conformance.

Site Specific Induction

All workers and any visitors who enter a work site must be inducted into the site. The purpose of the induction is to identify hazards within the site and controls to be implemented. A Griffith City Council representative will induct any contractor/worker/visitor into a work site initially. If the work site is then being controlled by a principal contractor, it will be their responsibility to induct any worker/visitor from this point on.

What to Expect of Council when working on a Council Site/Project

Council's number one priority is to ensure the health and safety of all workers. This includes contractors and sub-contractors. Council representatives will conduct due diligence checks at any work site/projects to ensure compliance. You may be asked to provide evidence of your licences or qualifications, equipment servicing, inductions etc. Council will also ask to review any Safe Work Method Statements/procedures and your work will be monitored.

These due diligence checks are specifically for your safety and the safety of those working around you!!!

Contractor Safety Documentation 

If you are an existing preferred contractor for Council, you would have already completed the necessary safety documentation. Upon renewal of your contract, A Council's representative will send your Organisation the necessary forms to complete.

If you are a Contractor that is new to Council, or a Council Member has contacted you to perform work for them, then you will need to determine the Category of Contractor you will be in order to complete the correct Safety Documentation. The below table provides information on the Category types;

Category 1 -

Construction Projects / Principal Contractors:

Projects/ contracts where the cost of works is equal to or more than $250,000 (excluding GST) and an external organisation is appointed as the Principal Contractor.


Category 2 - Major Contracts:

Construction works

Generally, works over $50,000 OR less than $50K and includes high risk construction work


Assessed based on:

  • Cost (e.g. over $50k)
  • Level of complexity & nature of work (e.g. use of subcontractors or likely use of subcontractors)
  • Duration (e.g. contract extends greater than 6 months)

Category 3 -

Minor Contracts:

Construction works

Less than $50k and does not include high risk construction work

Other Service Providers

Consultants or suppliers who provide an on-going or one-off low risk service

The Contractor will need to complete the relevant Questionnaire with supporting evidence, and return the completed form to the Council Representative:

Other relevant Contractor information

More information is available by downloading Griffith City Council Contractor Handbook here

Other useful information/links/templates

Resources site) site)


Work Health and Safety Act 2011(external site)

Code of Practice - How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks (external site)

WHS Document Templates for use by Contractors

SafeWork NSW has an Easy to do WHS toolkit to help you with all your WHS needs. Click on the below link to find out more. site) to take you to the website or here for the pdf version.

For further information please contact  phone 02 69694807